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First game against Dark Angles


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Ok So my list was:


Wolf Lord 0n TWM w/ Frost Axe, SS, Runic Armor, Wolf Tooth, Wolf Tail, And Saga of the Bear


Rune Preist w/ PP and Runic Weapon, Power Living Lighting and Jaws


3 TWC w/ SS and TH


10 Greyhunters w/ Meltas, Power Axe and Standard in drop pod


10 Greyhunters w/ Meltas, Power Sword and standard in drop pod


10 Greyhunters w/ Plasma, Power axe on foot


6 Longfang w/ 3 lascannons & 2 Rocket launchers (cause there is no miss in rocket) in a las/plas Razorback.




DA List




Raven Wing Chaplain


5 inercircle TDA w/ Assault cannon, Power Sword, and PF 


5 inercircle TDA w/ Assault cannon, Power Sword, and PF


5 inercircle TDA w/ Heavey Flamer, Power Sword and PF


7 Raven Wing w/ 2 Plasma gunners and an Attack bike


6 Raven Wing w/ 2 Plasma gunners


MIssion Was The Emperor's Will w, table halfs diagonally and 2 objectives. DA wins First turn.


Turn 1


He combat squads one of his bikes and make a scout move with them. Than Deep strikes his Termies into my lines w/ Belial staring down my wolf lord and TWC. I  weather a hail of bolter fire and only lose 1 Hunter and TWC. I'm Forced to Drop in my deployment zone to shore up my definces. Preist uses Jaws on his Termies and bikes to get a bike. Longfangs shoot like a bunch of pups but my Grey hunters & Las/Plas RB reduce 2 of his Termies squads to 3 and 2. My lord and TWC Charge Belial and his Squad of Termies. Belial Challanges my lord wich he gladly accepts. Belial hammers into my lord for not as My 2 remaining TWC lash out at Belials Tremi squad killing 2. My Lord Crashes into Belial with beastial fury. Belial losses 2 wounds and turn 1 is over.


Turn 2


At the drop pod the remains of the Termies not lock in combat  turn on the Hunter pack killig 5. Bike squad on the left flank kill 4 Longfangs. The large bike squad go after the Hunters on foot slaying 7. They run streight into the Bike squad comming in on the right flank and are wiped out. Back at the drop pod My 5 hunters are assulted by the 2 Temmie sqauds killing 1 in overwatch and 2 more in close combat befor the powerfist fell pounding them to dust. Leaving 2 termies in one squad and 1 in the other. On the left flank The bikes charge my Preist and long fangs killing 1 more Longfang. Belial in fury Challanges my Lord. They Fight to a standstill. THWC kills 1 more termi and in turn they kill 1 TWC. THings are Bleek but whats that he left his objective unguarded And far away from the main fight. Drop pod 2 comes in right on the objective and I have it. Shooting My Las/Plas RB kills the Bike Chaplain and 2 bikers from the large squad. My Preist kills the last 2 bikers and falls back 4 inches. My lord kill Belial and My last TWC reduces Belials Temies to 2 befor being over wellmed by Power fist.



Trun 3



On the left flank the 2 termies squads head for my objective but a Longfang and Rune Preist stand in there way. 1 of the termie squad attack my Priest and Longfang killing the last Longfang. They charge my Preist only to be cut down by his Rune Axe. With My Lord the large Bike squad charges my lord and in turn I kill 2 bikes,1 Termie.

My trun 2. The Priest kills the last termie saqaud w/ a PP shot. My lord kills the remaining bikes and termie.


turn 4


the last bike squad go after my lord only to be cut down in close combat. Game over


BTW I need to name my Lord and His mount

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