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ok in a couple of months time ill be attending a 1500pt  tournament. ill be taking 1500pts of marines.


the question im asking is what to take. i know that there will be marine army's, guard army's, nid army, knights army, chaos army.


i own libby in all armour, termi chaplain, sicaius, chapter masters, 4 tac squads, 10 tac terminators, 5 th/ss terminators, 2 dreads, vindicator, dakka predator, 5 devastators(MM, LC, HB, PC), rhino, 4 bikes, landspeeder, landspeeder storm, 5 scouts.


i dont want to steam roll every think i want to make a balanced army that can handle anything.


i know the knight army 


Inquisitor coteaz
Inquisitor henchmen warband - 3 crusaders, 2 jokaero Weaponsmiths
Mounted in razorback
- plasma cannon
- heavy flamer
10 grey knights
2 psycannons
7 force swords
Daemon hammer
Mounted in rhino
10 grey knights
2 incinerators
8 force swords
Mounted in rhino
10 grey knights
8 nemesis force swords
Mounted in rhino
- heavy paycannon
- nemesis great sword


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Difficult question to answer. Are you willing to buy more models? Can you tell us about your preferred play style? C:SM offers many approaches to a balanced list. Looking at your model list you're a bit restricted by what you have - so more information would be helpful. Are the devs your only heavy weapons?


Honestly making a list for yourself is a good place to start, and we can start commenting.

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ok my play style is normally sit and shoot, im willing to by models but have a limited money,


ok my ruff list


captain with a command squad in razorback


libby in power armour 


 3 tac squads with missile launchers and flamers 




dread with las





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Well, first off you don't have much armor, and what armor you do have is quite light.  One each of AV13, AV12, AV11, and AV10 will see each of them go down quite quickly to concentrated enemy fire.  This will leave you without a good part of your firepower.  

Second, is your command squad shooty or choppy?  Assault based teams (since your Captain is riding with them I'm assuming they're choppy) don't work in non-assault vehicles anymore (sadly).


Third, since your model selection is limited I'd go with a foot list, and since you have a lot of terminators you might as well use them.  Deep striking with them will give you some degree of mobility on the table - more if you have a Gate libby.  I'd say use 10-15 termies, along with a couple tac squads and a couple devastator squads.  One HQ should be enough at 1500.


More details when filling out your list will help as well.  Tell us how you plan on using each unit.  The more you tell us, the more specific we can be in our feedback and help you out.

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You can't make a balanced (or even a decent) tournament list with those units. 


If you're gonna buy models, get a land raider (classic or crusader, depending on preference, I like classic), another vindicator, aegis defense line with quad-gun, and another rhino, so you have two mechanized tactical squads, and can field something like this:



Libby - terminator armor, null zone, avenger
Tactical squad (10 guys) - ml, flamer, combiflamer, rhino
Tactical squad (10 guys) - ml, flamer, combiflamer, rhino
5 sniper scouts
5 th/ss termies
land raider - multimelta
vindicator - dozer blade
vindicator - dozer blade
aegis defense line - quad gun
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