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Pbenner's LPC Vow 2013


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Two years running I've vowed the same things now, so here it is.  My Master of the Deathwing vow.  


Original Picture:




In this photo he is cleaned, pins are in place, and he's ready for priming.  


Since this was taken, I have primed him, and added the Bone White color to his armor.  I will take a picture again after the Dark Angels Green is added. 





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Yeah, it's that whole bit with the must show unpainted model to stop cheaters... lulz.  


Last time I did this, I vowed Belial and ended up painting Belial, Chaplain, Command Squad, and 10 terminators.  


This time, I vowed Belial, and have put paint on 4 Land Raiders, and will probably get Belial, 4 Land Raiders, and something like 20-30 Terminators (I hope).  


I'm wanting to get 6000pts finished before March, as there is a Mega Battle in March locally here, and I want to take part with a fully painted army.



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Need to throw this update out there:




In this updated he's primed with the first two colors of paint on (no touchups yet)


His base has been corked and sanded and primed.  


Plan on putting more paint down on him tonight.





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For whatever reason I like the way it turns out. 


I've been told I'm a pretty bad painter :-D  -  My process is this:


Prime White (in pieces)

Paint Thinned Bleached Bone (Ushabti bone on newer pieces like my Land Raiders)

Paint Thinned Bleached Bone

Paint Major Areas of Dark Green (double coat (more if needed))

Paint Bright Red

Paint Dark Red

Details in Non-Metallics

Paint Major Areas of Dark Metal (Double Coat)

Paint Major Areas of Mithril Silver (Double Coat (More if needed))

Paint Metallic Details

Wash Seppia on Non-Metallics and light Metallics

Wash Mud on Dark Metallics


It doesn't look so bad from a distance, it's one of the better paint jobs in my area.  


I took a picture with my Nice Camera, and after looking at it in High Resolution, I need to work on some Mold Line Cleanup before I continue his paint job.  I see some major things I missed and I may just have to remove some of the detail that is half there.  :(


Pics this week.  



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Here he is, completed:






I'm not the best painter, but he's one of the better models I have done.  Vow completed!



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Well donwe Paul - another one for the DAs! :)


I have to agree with Winged.CAV - a few more colors will add depth to the mini... Also some highlighting on the robes will do wonders. I use a brighter green to mix the dark shade. With the old colors I use a mix of DA green and Scorpion green. I know the latter seems a bit too bright about with correct mix you'll get the tone you're happy with!


Well done on your completion again! :)

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I second Semper on the robe. Also you might want to wash it with a green wash afterwards to mesh it.

A nice touch would be to add some boltgun metal to the pole of his back icon and give a bit of detailing to the hanging censers.

It will make him stand out a bit more.

Great job though, I personally loath painting bleached bone and am glad when a brother is happy with his results thumbsup.gif

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