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Rust effects.

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I take no personal credit for this. It's my paraphrasing of Darren Latham's technique as shared in White Dwarf (Canadian issue #34 - no idea what number that is in the rest of the world). Also, it uses the old GW colour names, so some translation may be required.


In context, this is his recipe for dark metal parts on Orks, which tend to look rusty.


1. Silver parts are painted Boltgun Metal. Wash with 1:1 mix of Chaos Black and Badab Black.

2. Wash with thinned Scorched Brown applied to the recesses.

3. Wash with thinned Bestial Brown, then a wash of Vermin Brown gets painted into the recesses.

4. Metal then gets highlighted with Chainmail. Use Mithril Silver very sparingly for extremely pointy parts.


My experience is that for tabletop quality, you can take some shortcuts on the number of brown washes if you don't happen to have three shades of brown.

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I actually just did a GW trench line and made my own rust paint for it this is what i did.

for the rust paint:

jeriko orange

khorne red

sunburst yellow (no sure what new name is)

bit of chain mail (or what ever it is called these days)

and a bit of black to darken as needed.

then i watered it down by 50% until it was like a wash.


I used this over a bolt gun (necron abyss) base for the metal and used a non-gw paint (revell #32184 leather or #32183 rust) as a highlight and to show a lighter rust color for fresh rust streaks running down.


I then washed the rust with devlin mud (or what ever its called now)

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With the old range of colors i used a coat of tin bitz, then wheathered it in brown then add litte touches of orange, but that's was merely for old, heavy rusted ork stuff so....


With the new paints you would find Screemind Bell works just fine.


I came across someone on flickr that used a metallic medium that actualy rusted on the model, found it very cool i'll show you the link as soon as i'm on my computer again.

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