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So with the new software, some of you may have noticed we no longer have the option to add a sub title to our topics. This function has been replaced with the option to tag topics. Now tags are a great option to have, so long as they're used properly. Just throwing the tag "does this work?" onto something, or "what should I do?", or "my new army" does not help anyone, and clogs up the tag categories.

With tagging, please remember that it is important to be both liberal with them, but also specific. There is nothing wrong with adding 5 tags to a topic, so long as they're all helpful. With proper tagging, we can make navigating topics even easier in the forum through use of common categories.

Therefore, in the Tactica Astartes forum, I would highly encourage you to use the following format for tags:


When asking a tactics question:
If it concerns certain armies in the game, then please use the tag with their full name. For example, "Chaos Space Marines", or "Orks".

If the question were to cover both of the above, and multiple armies then tag all of them. If the question is about challenges between Chaos Space Marines and Orks, then use the following tags: "Chaos Space Marines", "Orks", "Main Rulebook".

If the question were to query a Special Character, such as Dante or the Swarmlord, then by all means include their name in the tags. In this instance the tag "Commander Dante" could be useful for someone looking for tactics and rules issues on this most famous of Space Marine heroes. This could also be used for normal units, SCs especially benefit from the tagging though.


When asking about a particular game mechanic, it may be appropriate to include. I say may, because some things like "Challenges" would be great to tag, others like "Movement", not so much, as it's not as specific.

I could go on and on, but really it's all common sense. We have a great system here to help with categorising and sorting the topics in the forum. But the system can only be great if the tagging is great. Please do your part to ensure that all the tagging you do is specific. When unsure, think about what you, as an outsider to the thread, would think of the tag.

Cheers guys,


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