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Deathwing test model


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So I've been away from the 1st legion for a long time but they were my first love, and its time to come back into the folds of inner circle.






This is the sarge of my first deathwing squad and is kingd of test model. The pics aren't the best but I only have my phone to use. He's not 100% complete because I want to see what ppl think about how it's going. All comments and help to improve are greatly appreciated.

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Not bad at all!


I have a recommendation though - the base is far too similar to the model. A little contrast in colors would go a long way to making the whole thing look better, but that's just my opinion.


Looks nice and clean man, keep it up. Oh and welcome back. :)

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Thanks for the replies guys and glad you like it


@millicant. The base will be grey when its finished so hopefully that will do the job


@mithrilforge. I'll try getting better pic but at the min I'm going to work and coming home in the dark.


Cheers katarn

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