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Land Raider Redeemer (pics and advice)


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Hi All,


I managed to get this sprayed red, before my can of red spray went crazy! Please let me know what you think, It was previously part painted/finished as a Space Wolves vehicle, and sat in the box of unfinished shame. But now its done! - bar the multi-melta, which I may leave off.









Now for the advice bit...


Do I put the multi melta on it? its only 10 points more, but I feel that if I'm getting the redeemer that near to vehicles, I'm taking it away from it's intended targets? (infantry), also, what do I put inside it? I can make a squad of assault marines without jump packs (Magnetised so I can swap - but are they effective enough?), use death company (making it a VERY expensive unit), or terminators (Also expensive, and I don't yet have assault terminators).


But, all feed back on the painting, and the unit inside etc. appreciated! - it was much quicker to paint than I thought it would be!

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i like your osl and lenses..looks nice and clear thumbsup.gif

id imagine tac squad with flamer could be alright at clearing infantry. what if you left the MM off and came across a unit in another LR or equivalent?

probably best to see if you have another hatch in your bits box and magnetize that..imo

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Personally I really like it. You have done a very nice clean job on the LR as a whole. Only advice I could give is to make some of the metal on the track peek through the mud. And have the nozzels of the flamers be "blued". By that I mean make it look like they have been heated over and over again. Take a steak knife and heat the tip in a gas stove or a butane lighter. The progression of colors "blue, purple, ect..." is what im talking about.

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I think the mulit-melta is worth it for Crusaders and Redeemers. You're going to be up in the middle of the board/in the enemy's face very quickly, so you can threaten a lot of vehicles without deviating from your main target. It's also an excellent candidate for Power of the Machine Spirit.



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