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Dark Talon and Psychic power Assail


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I back tracked some pages to see if I could find any answers to my upcoming question.


The Dark Talon has it's uses, but it needs some support for it to work propperly, if you want to use the Rift Cannon that is.


Now the problem I have is that the common foe we meet is usually the ever so interesting Space Marines/CSM.

They are inisiative 4. That means they only fail a Blind test on 5-6 or 4-6 with stasis grenades from Black knights/Ravenwing command.

That isnt enough to secure a BS/WS1 blind on the unit.


But, with Assail, Telekinisis primaris power, we can halve the inisiative on the models struck. Now that puts the SM/CSM/any ini 4 or less model at inisiative 2 or less.

Now they will fail more often.


But my question here is... is it possible to get enough hits with Assail to make the units majority inisiative half?

The power says that models struck by the strikedown rule, are the only ones (from what I can understand) who has their inisiative halved.


So, is this something worth investing in? Am I interpeting the rules right with Assail? Can we get enough hits in a 10 man unit to pull this of?



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Well you are supposed to mark the units hit by assail. This means that some of the units might be hit and some not. Whether they die or not they still get strikedown applied. Lets say you hit 5 and one dies. If you can kill four with bolters or plasma that are not effected by strikedown you may be able to force a blind shooting check using the the majority init. Theoretically you make a blind test based on the majority characteristic of the units. This is predicated on two things, you prob will need a libby on a bike and an be able to apply shooting from another direction. If there were a way to say if one model in a unit is effected by strikedown they are all effected, but the rule says model not unit so i think that is out. Cool find though, maybe theres another way....
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Yah, I am fielding a librarian on bike (Ravenwing), hence the idea popped up. Problem is, as we both agree on, getting those hits to count towards the majority of the affected unit.


Well, once I get my models up and running, I'll give it a try and see what happens.

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Well salvo on the dtalon sould give 3+ kills with huricanne bolter and riftcannon should help that average towards 4 kills. This would mean youd need to tag at least 4 with the beam attack to have any hope, and theyd have to be shot from the opposite direction. However this would mean that you could use just the libby and the dtalon most likely.


The question then becomes, should you? What is the best type of target for the d talon to hit? It seems to me it should either be a large shooty squad, within rapid fire range of your deep strikers, or one that you intend to charge.

For my money the priority targets would be,


Crisis suits

Fire warriors

Necron blobs

Guard blobs

Rift cannon is useless v. Orcs but they should die in droves to salvo bolters.

What happens when the rift cannon gets fired at vehicles? Do they auto fail due to no init?

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Why would you hit a firewarrior squad or a guard at that (well the last one maybe just to be on the safe side) with the rift cannon my dear sir?

Tau cant melee for jack biggrin.png

Ah, now I get it: You want to humiliate them for been xenos? Damn good thinking, Asmodai will be proud of you biggrin.png

EDIT: Oh wait...I messed it up with the stasis anomaly, the rift cannon causes blind eh?
X2 good thinking now Asmodai will be EVEN more proud of you :D

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As far as i can see the real reason to fire the rift cannon is to bring the bs to 1 that is going to protect your stuff from shooting by high volume high strength weapons which is what the problem will be for deathwing and ravenwing. If you want to assault the rift cannon will work but so will a number of other options, stasis grenade, stasis bomb ect. Depending on the turn i see blind being used to nerf the shooting ability of those that cant be charged.
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