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Curze and Corax switch places


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Curze and Corax a alot alike as commented on by Corax in Deliverance lost.


What happens if Curze lands on deliverance and is found by the resistance Corax lands on Nostromo and lives Curze's life.


How do things progress ?


Corax does not have the physic powers that Curze has


Would Corax become a monster like Curze became ?


Would Curze be able to free Deliverance from the overseers ?


What happens when the Emperor finds them ?

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Assuming powers remain the same, curze could switch the lights out in the prison, saving the need for as much subterfuge, though I still think he'd be as murderous. He'd have got the job done faster.

In contrast, I think corax wouldve made nostramo more peaceful, but wouldve taken longer than curze, and as a result would become bitter, and darker in person.

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