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Without knowing more, I would start with:

#1 Reasonable amount of scoring units, at least 3 assuming it's 1500+ and possibly 4-5 if 2000.

#2 Ability to destroy AV13/14.

#3 Ability to destroy AV10/11/12.

#4 Ability to destroy, threaten or ignore flyers.

#5 Ability to move and claim objectives.

#6 Ability to handle 2+/3++ save units effectively.

#7 Plan(s) of how you intend your army to play.

#8 Practice, practice, practice.


#9 Captain Idaho is smarter than me and likes to point it out. wink.png

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Only things I think you've missed is ability to kill or neutralise large numbers of light infantry, and to be able to reach opponents (either by movement or long range).


Sounds like an advertisement for your Honour Guard unit in a Storm Raven.


"Struggle to kill those Ork Mobs? Feel it's unfair that they weigh you down in attacks? Can't get to them quick enough to protect your squishy Scouts? Well then, take our new Honour Guard in a Storm Raven. With a multitude of attacks and flier transport, we guarantee you you'll give those Orks something to think about." ;)


But yeah, what minigun said, that's basically it.

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