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Tempests Wrath & Drop Pods


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Something came up in a game last night and created a bit of a debate.

My SW opponent cast Tempests Wrath.

I dropped a drop pod within the powers range.

My opponent claimed I need to (dangerous terrain) test for both the pod AND the squad disembarking.


This sounded a little unfair to me as Im sure the power is intended to mess with landing gear/tracking equipment etc. before they land NOT guys disembarking from something thats already on the ground. Surely the pod is what is arriving via deepstrike as thats the only thing that rolls a scatter dice.
I've seen countless posts about this topic just from a Google search and plenty of BrB and FAQ quotes flying around but theyre all out of date. None of them are 6th edition rulings.


Can anyone clear this up for us?

And if its still up in the air, what is the general consensus or house ruling?

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Pretty sure that the unit in a drop pod counts as deepstriking, and is thus effected by things that effect deepstriking units (coteaz I've been expecting you works like that).


But I may be wrong heh.

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Here's the relevant portion of the Tempest's Wrath rule:

"Until the beginning of the Rune Priest'S next turn, all enemy skimmers, jetbikes, jump infantry and units deploying by Deep Strike that finish their move within 24" of the Rune Priest treat ...", C:SW, pg.37

Here's the only direction GW has issued on this situation:

"Q: Does a squad disembarking from a Drop Pod, or Mycetic Spore, count as arriving from reserve for Inquisitor Coteaz’s I’ve Been Expecting You special rule? (p45)

A: Yes, this means that Inquisitor Coteaz and his unit will be able to fire once at each unit.", C:GK FAQ

It clarifies the BRB rule that a unit and its transport are in reserve, count as a single unit for Reserve rolls and Deployment, and that the unit is considered to have Deployed from Reserve when it disembarks from the transport.

It does not indicate that the unit counts as having Deployed by Deep Strike, only that it has entered from Reserves. Evidence suggests that the Embarked unit is not Deploying via Deep Strike, as the models within are allowed to make a normal disembarkation and are not bound to be placed in base to base with the Drop Pod as they would if deploying following the Deep Strike rules on pg.36.

Unless someone else can find and quote the RAW (I looked through, but couldn't find anything), Tempest's Wrath will affect a Drop Pod but not the Disembarking unit.

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The old FAQs specifically mentioned that units arriving in transports form Deep Strike counted as Deep Striking themselves.


Has this been lost in the move to 6th?


So does a unit of Marines deploying in a Drop Pod *not* count as being deployed by Deep Strike?

It did.


Apparently yes.


Yes, they "just" count as arriving from Reserves.   Unless someone can find the missing bit of rules...

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