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Death Guard Apothecary Armour


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What colour was the armour of the apothecaries in Death Guard at time of Heresy?


Same off-white as Legion Tactical Squads? Any particular identifiers?


Or is it unknown?





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Well, since its pre-heresy and theres not "official" fluff for specialist roles such as chaplains, librarians and apothecaries I would say you can paint them as you wish. BUT, personally I would go for white, since its a clean colour usually related to medicine. In False Gods they mention the Sons of Horus apothecaries wear white power armour.

Anyways, its your army, your minis, so do how ever you feel looks best. 

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Honestly, I think Death Guard Apothecaries would wear the same bare ceramite armor as the rest of the Legion, maybe with a pauldron trimmed in red for the Apothecarion or something. Otherwise, they'd blend in.

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