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Menchalior's Path of Redemption (continues) March!


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I here by vow to complete 3 man ravenwing biker team (picture will be added later) From Dark Vengeance set and also paint 3 more bikers for it to complete 6 man ravenwing team with two plasma guns by march. If I will do this time to spare and also complete my march LPC vow (5 termies and bikes) I shall also finish my landraider!


Primary vow:



And if I got time I shall finish this one this month too:



Help me Asmodai!!

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And so far my progress combined with 3 bikers and 5 termies of LPC vow that I am finishing soon:





I got bit side tracked and painted also Imperial Fist Assault Dreadnaught that only lacks decals and details now... :P

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I have to say I'm not a big fan of the red, bone and green on the land raider.. a bit too Xmas-y. Maybe a darker red on weapon casing and black on lascannon barrels?

I was thinking exactly that. I will use shades to darken red bit more. And make Lascannon barrels black or metal.

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I got flu and past week has been quite horrible but no more fever since yesterday so here's current progress:





What needs to be done:

- Finish Tech marine on Landraider

- Finish metals on bikes

- Finish few purity seals on bikes

- Finish face of the bike Sarge and his chain sword

- Base bikes

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I call now quits as these models are now enough for the gaming table and they look good on table. However I am not completely satisfied my attempts on blending high lights in tech marine (armour and eyes and my crappy camera doesn't really even capture them *sighs) nor chainsword of bike sarge, so I will re-do them later. I might do bikers feathered poles too, not sure but they serve now as part of my 2nd and first company but Next time I won't take 5 termies, 9 bikers and land raider to be painted in a 3 weeks, its bit too much!!!







and here are my LPC vow miniatures that I finished this month too:




For the April, I'll take much less models to paint: 3 Ravenwing bikes to complete 2nd bike squadron that I painted for LPC and Interrigator Chaplain on bike. After that leaves me: 1 Nephilim, 1 librarian on bike, 3 black knights, 1 Sammael on Corvex, 10 tacticals, 5 devastators, 5 honor guard and 10 company veterans to be painted.

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