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Daemonic Rewards


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For Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes, the most worthwhile rewards tier appears to be greater. Most of the upgrades add a reasonable amount of durability to your unit and the weapon choices aren't half bad.


For Heralds, I would stick with the cheap lesser rewards and in most cases, use it to take an upgraded weapon.


There are some exceptions, for example I'd likely take the lesser weapon reward on a Lord of Change in order to get a S8 AP2 attack (thanks to smash).


The exhalted rewards are a little too gimicky for me, I'd rather spend those points elsewhere.

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With Warp-Forged Armor on Daemon Prince already, greater rewards aren't needed as much as Greater Daemons. There's the Eather Blades too. Cheap ways to get a AP2 weapon on anything that can get a reward.


Exalted aren't too bad. Portalglyph seems to be a better one. Spawning troops depending on your needs. Since you get to pick what type is spawned.


Fateweaver greatly benefits from the tome of true names. 4++ save turns into a 2++ re-rolling 1s.


Then you get all these god specific rewards. Slaanesh has Lash of Despair. I would highly suggest taking that one a Ml3 (Biomancy), Wings, Armor Prince. With Iron Arm, that's 2D6 Str 7-9 shots that can take down flyers.

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