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Uncivil War, Batrep, Dark Angels vs Dark Angels


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Hello folks,


This weekend I played a game with a fellow dark angels player.  It was 2000 points.  Rolled for Big Guns Never Tire and Vanguard deployment.  We rolled 4 objectives.  We each put 1 objective in our deploy zone and two towards the middle of the board.




My army was as follows:



6 man Ravenwing squads, 2x melta, HB AB,  typhoon speeder

6 man Ravenwing squads, 2x melta, HB AB,  2XHB speeder,

6 man Ravenwing squads, 2x melta, MM AB, HB/AssCannon Speeder


6 Raven WIng Black Knights

9 Assualt Squad Marines

1 Nephilim w/ avenger mega bolter.


Predator Ann (tri las)



Int-Chap, On bike

Sammael On jet bike




My opponent fielded roughly this:


10 man tac squad, combat squaded, plasma gun, missile launcher w/ flak

10 man tac squad, combat squaded, plasma gun, plasma cannon

5 man Ravenwing squad, 2 plasma guns, 1 MM AB

5 man Deathwing Squad, 1 Plasma cannon



Typhoon Speeder w/ HB



Vindicator w/ siege shield

Vindicator w/ Siege shield

Land Raider Crusader



Librarian, lvl 2, power field Generator

 5 man command squad, apoth, standard of Dev



I won the roll off and chose to deploy and go first.  My deploy was pretty straight forward.  I hid the assault squad in a ruined building and spread my raven wing bikers out across the board.  I held the MM attack bike, land speeder with HB and Assault cannon, and the Nephilim in reserves.  I placed my lone heavy, the Predator annihilator, next to the objective and in cover of the ruins.  Luckily this provided cover and a clear shot on everything on his side of the board.


My opponent use a very nasty deploy.  He put Azrael, the librarian, and the command squad inside the LR crusader.  On each side of the Crusader he place a Demolisher.  This allowed each of the Demolishers to be granted the 4+ cover from the Power Field Generator and the Crusader got the banner and generator bonuses.  He split combat squaded both of the tactical units and place each of them in ruins. The combat squad with the Plasma Cannon was holding the objective in his deployment zone   The Ravenwing and speeder started close to the Crusader and the Deathwing Termies were held in reserve.



The actual game:

I got lucky as he failed to seize the initiate.  We both used out scout moves.  I scouted at full speed directly towards the wall of tanks with all but one ravenwing unit and the 2 HB attack bikes.  They made for the tac squads..


Turn 1:  My Turn


I moved everyone up 12” trying to get close enough for my plasma talons and melta guns to do the most damage.  One of my Ravenwing squads got close enough to get double pen with the meltas and another unit got close enough to actually fire their meltas.  The Black Knights teamed up with Sammael and the Chaplain were within range of the tank wall as well.  The last bike squad, both speeders and 2 HB attack bike closed in on the opposing tac squads.


I let loose with everything I had.  The Predator hit all 3 shots on one of the Demolisher but 1 failed to pen and the other 2 he made his Power Field Generator save.  The closest squad to the tank wall fired with their melta guns and both hit.  One glanced while he made his Power Field Generator save on the other.  The second ravenwing unit fired with one hit on the melta guns but again he made his Power Field Generator save.  The assault squad fired at his MM attack bike dealing one wound.  The last unit of bikes, the 2 speeder and 2 attack bikes fired on the tac squads holed up in the ruins.  I targeted the unit with the missile launcher first to ensure that my Nephilim was free from any real threats.  With the combines shooting I wiped out the Missile Launcher squad and killed 2 more in the squad with the plasma cannon.  This gave me 1 VP for First Blood.


Since I scouted many of my units all I could assault with was the Assault Squad.  They assaulted the attack bike but killing it but taking 1 wound in return..

Overview of my first turn:

Wow…that sucked.  I was in great position to really hurt that tank wall but was unable to kill either Demolisher.  The only plus side of the turn was that I killed the missile launcher and my units were close enough to the Demolisher that it gave him pause about firing that scatter weapon.



Turn 1: Opponents Turn


He did not move too much.  He moved his typhoon in range and line of sight of my predator.  Moved his Ravenwing squad to support his tac squads I shot up.



What he lacked in movement he made up for in the shooting phase.  The typhoon fired at the predator. 1 hit but failed to glance.  The ravenwing squad fired at my assault squad.  He was close enough to the Standard of Destruction to get its benefit.  With all those shots plus the 2 plasma guns he managed to whittle the unit down to 3.  The Crusader, with the benefit of the Standard of Destruction, fired a ton of shots into my closest bike squad killing all but 2(lucky for me the 2 were the melta gunners).  The first Demolisher fired at my RW Black Knight unit.  After the scatter he hit 3 bikers.  The closest 3 were 2 RW Black Knights and my Chaplain.  I made one jink save but failed my Look Out Sir rolls losing a Black Knight and my Chaplain (doh…should have kept him farther back in the unit).  The second demolisher fired into the RW Black Knights as well but this shot scattered forward and caught my second squad of RW bikers.  This hit 3 bikers but only wounded 2.  I saved one with a jink save.  The outlying tact squads returned fire on my RW bikers managing 2 more kills.


He chose not to launch any assaults.

Overview of opponents first turn:

WOW…I got lucky.  Even though I lost my Int-Chap my looses were pretty small.


Score is currently 1/0 in my favor.



Turn 2:  My Turn


I got lucky.  Both the HB/AssCannon Speeder and the Nephilim came in.


Not nearly as much movement this turn.  I sped the Nephilim straight at his RW bike squad.  My outlying RW bike squad closed in on the weaken combat squad.  The 2xHB speeder and the 2 HB attack bikes move onto the combat squad holding the objective.  My typhoon moved around to get side armor on one of the Demolisher.  I deep striked the tornado speeder in to get target the side armor of one of the Demolishers.  The RW Black Knight/HQ unit, RW Squad 2, and what was left of squad 1 moved up closer to the tank wall.  The group of assault marines closed in on the last combat squad.


I fired with the tri las predator at “slightly” damaged Demolisher.  I missed with both side sponsons but scored a hit with the turret mounted las cannon.  But he again made is 4+ Power Field Generator save.  The Typhoon hit twice on the side armor of the same Demolisher.  Again, he passed the Power Field Generator save on both shots.  That thing is killing me!  The 2 melta bikers from squad one fired into the damaged Demolisher and scored 1 hit and I scored a penetrating hit….and he failed the Power Field Generator save.  I finally destroy the thing and it blows up hitting all within 6”.  This grants me one more victory point.  I lose one biker from squad 2 because of this.  The RW Black Knight/HQ squad fire at the remaining Demolisher and score quite a few hits.  He saves all but 2 with the Power Field Generator but one of the shots that made it through scores a glancing hit.  Squad 2 fires its melta guns at the remaining Demolisher but fail to hit.  The Nephilim fires at his RW bike squad killing all 5 with it massed bolter/missile fire.  The outlying units fired into the various tac squads.  They killed what remained of one unit and wiped out another combat squad. This left the objective in his deploy zone unclaimed.  The remaining assault marines fire at the tac squad but failed to cause any wounds.


Charges all around.  The bikes that fired at the still remaining demolisher charged it, the assault squad charged the remaining tac squad, the RW black Knights fail to make it into combat.  The bikes manage to crack the rear armor of the final Demolisher with grenades.  Giving me 1 more victory point.  The combat between the assault and tac squad see both sides taking a loss.


Overview of my second turn:

Things could not have gone any better.  I took out both demolishers, cleared out the unit holding the objective in his deploy zone, killed his RW squad, and killed all but 1 combat squad



Turn 2: Opponents turn


He drops the DW termies in to try to take back the objective in his deploy zone.


He moves the land speeder typhoon around to get rear armor on my predator.  He disembarks from the Crusader and slits Azrael from the Librarian and his command squad.


His typhoon hits once against my predator causing a glancing hit.  The combined fire power of the command squad, land raider, Azrael, and the Librarian killed off squad 1 and 2 and 1 Black Knight.  The terminators split fire and shot one storm bolter as the nearby speeder and the remaining shots into my RW squad 3.  He scored 1 glancing hit on the speeder.  The Plasma cannon, even twin linked, scattered away from my bikes.  The rest of the storm bolter fire took down only 1 of my bikes.


He chose to rapid fire all the weapons with Azrael and the command squad so they could not charge.  The continuing combat between the tac squad and my assault marines saw the tac squad losing one more member.


Overview of opponents second turn:

With what little he had left he actually did quite a bit of damage.  Things still looked in my favor.


Score is currently 3/0 in my favor



Turn 3:  My turn.


My MM attack bikes outflanks on the side of the board closest to his termies.


I move one of the HB attack bikes to hold the objective in his deployment zone and move the other along with the HB Speeder back but still in range of his termies.  The Nephilim turns and flies toward what used to be his tank wall.  The typhoon and the tornado speeders move to where they can fire at the HQ group or fire at his speeder harassing my predator.  The Black Knight/sammael group moves up closer to his HQ grouping.


The Nephilim downs 2 of the command squad and wounds the librarian.  The HB attack bike and 2X HB speeder fire into the terminators.  I get lucky and he fails 2 saves.  The MM attack bike claimed the plasma cannon terminator.  The predator annihilator finally downs his typhoon land speeder.  My tornado speeder fires into the command squad and it downs 2 more marines leaving only the librarian and the standard bearer.  The black Knight/Sammael unit fires at Azrael.  The plasma talons cause 1 wound and Sammael’s Plasma cannon scattered onto the librarians and standard bearer killing both.


I charge the Black Knights and Sammael at Azrael.  A smart move on his part he challenges me.  So Sammael and Azrael square off.  It is quickly obvious that the +2 str his weapon conferred really made a difference.  He dealt out 3 wounds but I managed to save 1.  In return I dealt 2 wounds and he saved 1.  The continuing combat with the tac squad and assault squad saw 1 more member of each side dying.  This left the fight 1 on 1 now.


Turn 3: My opponents turn:


He moved the termies but they still were not in range of anything.  He moved the land raider over to try to kill off the attack bike holding the objective.


The Crusader fired at my attack hitting twice with the assault cannon.  He wounded with both but I saved one.  The Terminators ran to try to get in range of something next turn.


Again he challenged and Sammael accepted.  This round was not as spectacular as the last.  Azrael hit twice and wounded once but I passed my inv save.  In return I wounded him once but he too passed his inv save.  I used hit and run and broke combat with the black knight/Sammael unit.  The fight between the tac and assault unit finally ended with the death of the last tactical marine.



Score is currently 3/0 in my favor.



Turn 4: My turn

Movement:  I move my MM attack bike to claim one of the center objectives and move the other HB attack bike to help hold the objective that the first HB attack bike is currently holding.  All three speeders, the predator, and the Black Knight/Sammael unit move to get shots at poor Azrael. 


Everything that could fired at Azrael.  After all the shooting Azrael had fallen.  Giving me one more victory point.


We ended the game on that note.

The score, with objectives, was 14/0 in my favor



Hope you all enjoy.

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