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Carrion Lords: A Raven Guard successor W.I.P


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I need some CC as I am unsure about the black armour highlights, are they too bright or too dark, lines too fat or too thin etc etc. Apologies for amaturish photography and painting.
Much love

From the darkness we strike


SAM 0048


SAM 0050


SAM 0052


SAM 0053


SAM 0056


SAM 0059


SAM 0062





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The highlights look fine, or at least they do by the standard of these photos.


As a general critique, you should add something to break up the black aside from a single splotch of off-white on the shoulder (dull metallics really don't get the job done).  Even the super sneaky Raven Guard they come from have spots of bright white to break up the silhouette.  Something as simply as a single stripe here and there would work well enough.

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