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The King of Bones - Daemon Prince of Nurgle


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Hi guys,


I had this idea on the way home last friday, I started to think about what I had in my bits box and how I could use it. Saturday morning I build the frame and selected the parts, Saturday afternoon I started to green-stuff the lower torso and by Sunday morning I was fiinished and the King of Bones was born.


I've used a lot of grey plastic to cover up the fact that my GS skills are rather basic, however I am very please with the results. 


What do you think?















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Wow, stunning idea and very well executed! I'm not very skilled with GS either, but I really love the idea of this model, and the way you've played into your own strengths and weaknesses is very creative. I'm sure others here may have advice on how to improve your GS technique, but let me be the first to say you've done a great job so far! thumbsup.gif

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That's awesome! Reminds me of the Draug and Draugir from The Witcher 2.

If you want to get better at using green stuff I woudl recommend a couple of clay shapers. They make wonders for getting smooth surfaces.

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I have to agree with Torva- the first thing I thought of was Gravelord Nito- not that there is anything wrong with that, Nito is awesome!  I would just like to add that since he is composed almost entirely of bones- playing off the "decay" aspect of nurgle may be a bit hard.  Have you considered making a backpack with putrescent plague tanks/barrels like some other Nurgle Daemon Princes?

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Thanks Biohazard,


The blank/empty hood and the large skull has been done to death, if you'll forgive the pun. I deliberately wanted a skeleton as a head because I've never seen it before and in my mind the concept is a lot more horrific.

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There's some monster in Dungeons and Dragons, and those statue things from the mortal combat movie, where the chest cavity eats things.  That ribcage in it's belly reminds me of that, and I think it would be cool of some more hands or some claws were grabbing at the ribcage, as though to pull it inside the bulk.


This is the thing I'm talking about: http://redwinggreen7.livejournal.com/97701.html


I feel like his arms are too fleshy.  They don't look like they quite belong with a mound of bones. I'm sure you could do something to simply alter them rather than remove them altogether, I just can't think of a clever, simple fix yet.  I suppose if they were covered in plate armor and chain armor rather than being obviously made of flesh, that would work well enough, but that doesn't sound like an easy fix....

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Ok, so I'm going to start painting this bad boy tonight.


I'd like to avoid the pitfall of having a monochromatic model but I'm thinking about the following:


Dusty grey robes with lots of dirt around the bottom

Jet black innards with bone coloured... erm bones

Rusted to hell and back weapons and armour

Dark brown, algae covered wooden sections, shields etc.

Bruised and rotting flesh on the arms.


I can't remember the last time I was this psyched about painting a model.


Updates to follow.

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