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Old idea may yet work


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late 4th i was happy that the daemons i collected for years had their own book and was just starting to iron out plans for a painted force (played 'em unpainted in entiraty for far too long)


the main idea was to have scarbrand backed by an all slaanesh force.


found it to be random as hell and although fun could not count on winning or imaging bringing them on as a main army.


now not only do i think it would be viable but may actually give my friends wolves a little comeuppance (it has been long overdue, he tends to curbstomp quite a bit with all the combos)


it will still be random but more controlled as i dont have to watch half my army deep strike off the board (i've played more games with 1/3 of my force not appearing then having everything..... if not bad dice then maybe a little karma coming back around, who knows)


i've been using a bloodthurster to sub for Scarbrand but i think he need his own model, i was going to do something with a plastic daemon prince but that will be on hold for a while as the tax man hath taken away a bigger chunk then i ever got back from him..... i have a torso and head that i didn't use on my metal 'thurster and may have to try knocking something to gether with grey stuff (green stuff cousin from GF9)


any links anyone can share on scuplting and or pictures of insperation for the model would be cool, also any thoughts on the force are welcome.... i may also drag in a blob of noisemarines as an ally down the road but since i have ~3500 points of daemons to get going with i'll be busy for a while.


inbetween doing a commission and work & family this could take a while but bear with me as i post pics and random blather.


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Sounds like a decent strategy. Slaanesh is fast moving. Deploy units with icons and deep strike skarbrand.  I recommend deepstriking in some units with instruments.  It will let you bring in skarbrand more reliably.  As for modelling skarbrand. I dont have any ideas.  On page 35 it looks like he still has wings but theyre just shredded. That totally goes against what I thought he looked like before.

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