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Beginnings of a Space Wolves army

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This is a WIP of my Kjarl Grimblood great company which will be a fun painting project rather than making a competitive army. This was inspried because no one else was representing this company in the space wolves forum and I managed to win a cheap Redeemer on ebay.


The army list can be found here


My collection so far


  • rune priest in TA
  • rune priest in PA
  • 3 TWC
  • 7 WG, 4 in TA, 3 in PA
  • 17 GH
  • 5 Scouts
  • 1 heavy bolter LF
  • LR Redeemer

My rune priest in terminator armour who leads my 1000 point list



The Redeemer needs a bit of repair work but hopefully a bit of green stuff filling and hiding gaps with wolf pelts/banners will suffice.


Cheers for reading and any tips and advice is appreciated,


Pyromaniacs Ho!!!



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