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Thinking of getting FW Deimos Predator, which one?


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Hey all!


So I'm in a dilemma, I really love the FW Deimos pattern predators and it goes with my Pre-Heresy Dark Angels Felblade. My FLGS allows IA vehicles and I'm torn between the Deimos Pattern Predator, and the Executioner. I'm leaning towards the Tri-Las Pred but wonder if in stanard 40k games they are too cost prohibitive points wise?

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yeah executioner.  It fits the dark Angels plasma heavy force, it is something you can't already field in the codex, plus lets face is, a heavy 3 plasma cannon that doesn't get hot is well...HOT man.    I plan to get one when I can get the funding to afford one, just cause I feel the executioner is fluffy for a dark angels force, we already got plasma toting termies, plasma toting bikes, a character with blinding plasma and a plasma toting speeder, why not a plasma toting predator. 

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