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The Burning of Prospero


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Hi all,

Over the past few months I've been making various Marines, mostly pre-heresy, as the mood strikes me. I thought this thread might be a nice place to post some of them, particularly as my new phone seems to have a decent camera (although decent enough to show up all the painting mistakes, so it's a mixed blessing... whistlingW.gif )

Anyhow, the first set are a group of Thousand Sons. I particularly enjoyed doing the tutelaries for these guys; the one on the Sorceror is my favourite. I also really liked how the High Elf Archer crescent moons add a certain something to their helmets. Hope you like them! They're not painted to the best standard but I am (gradually) improving, and they look alright in person. After these, I'll post the Space Wolves they're up against....

So, a Sorceror, engaged in summoning up something rather unsavoury...


And then three friends of his, all with their helpful spectral friends.




And finally, a group shot.


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Drybrushing (at least I think it's drybrushing) is obviously working quite well for you on the bases and tutels, but the armor is in need of some highlights and depth. I'd start with a wash and then do some highlights and cleaning up.


Are they really a pinkish red, or is that just the lighting? I always thought they were more or less scarlet.

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I love the Sorcerer. I could do without the giant skull, but these are very creative!


However, I agree with Firepower - the armor could use some more highlighting, washes, etc. Very cool stuff though. Hope to see more from you. :)

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Nice work. The tutelaries and a great use of bitz!

And those helm crests are from High Elg archers, you say? I'll have to look into that if I go back to my 1kSons.

Where did you get or how did you make the canopic jar at the sorceror's belt?


Got more to show us?

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