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Chaos Marine Squad equipment


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I have a sort of backbone squad that I just about always include, which is a 10-man squad with bp, bolter&ccw, two plasmas, VotLW and a champ with a fist (the fist should probably be a power weapon, but I like the model and want to keep him the way he is for sentimental reasons). They ride in a rhino, and work as a sort of plug-in-the-gaps unit.


Anyway, they have worked very well battle after battle, so I recommend this setup. Sure they can be run over, but Ld 10 goes a long way, and they seldom lose combat by more than a few points. As long as the champ is more than 2" away from the models in the front, he will also be able to hit any squad or monster that assaults them with his fist (as only engaged models can issue and accept challenges).


Another squad I have tried a few times is a 10-man squad with 2xmelta, ccw & bp, VotLW, MoK and Icon of Khorne. The champ has a power sword. Also in a Rhino.

These guys don't work as well, though the idea is that they should drive up, disembark and melta an enemy vehicle to bitz. Seldom works though, often just causes a glance or both shots miss.

They now have the problem that they will get shot up horrendously, because people often don't want to assault them or be assaulted by them, and if they do, the marines have counter-charge. Should they survive, they will bring an awful lot of hurt to whatever they assault, as they get their nice 4 attacks per models, fleet and S5 on the assault move thanks to the icon, not to mention their two meltaguns. The champ is also pretty brutal with his 5 S5 Ap3 attacks on the charge.


They work well if they are supported by something fast, like a squad of Spawn, or even just another squad of CSM with plasmas next to them. The plasma squad can take out termies and such, and divide the enemies attention. Spawn do work best, as they can assault and hopefully kill something on the turn the CSM jump out, meaning the enemy will be scared of the Spawn and shoot them much more than the marines. After that the marines will be in a really good spot to do a lot of damage.


I also have a squad with just bolters and a lascannon (or missile launcher), plus a special weapon, actually often a flamer. I found people try to deep strike or outflank this squad, and the only gun that does anything is the lascannon, so having a flamer is a cheap deterrent for a small cost. Still, it's just too much points for lascannon capable of holding objectives. I would not recommend this squad layout. 2xspecial weapons is the way to go.

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