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Cutting rectangular recesses

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Hi, pretty simple question really!! I would like to be able to cut recesses into surfaces such as the greaves on power armour or the flat surface of a power axe head. How should I go about doing that?


Currently my repertiore seems to be "saw in half," "drill hole," "whittle with knife" - none of which seem sufficient.



I'm thinking perhaps something to do with a chisel or dremel accessory of some kind, but have not yet bought either. Perhaps starting pilot holes, tidying up border of recess with knife, and then sanding recessed area down with dremel fitting might work.


Has anybody had any luck doing this sort of thing? Any advice most appreciated.


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You might look at your local hobby store for an X-acto hobby knife set that includes all manner of different types of blades.  One of which that is typically included is a flat, thin, chisel shaped one that may work very well for what you are describing. 



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