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DA Recommended Reading: Any Suggestions?


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Greetings Brothers!


Being on vacation and all I wanted to catch up on my primogenitor chapter's fluff. Could you guys recommend any books from GW that's good DA reading material? Besides the new codex that is since I already have that. Any novels maybe?

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I'll Copy paste then:

Official Background
Index Astartes Article - IA book 1
Angels of Death Codex - 2nd Edition
Dark Angels Codex - 3rdEdition
13th Black Crusade - Source Book
Horus Heresy Artbook - Volume 3
Storm of Vengeance - 2nd Edition Campaign Box

Sons of Fenris -Novel
Tales From the Dark Millenium - Short Story Collection
Angels of Darkness - Novel
Eye of Terror - Novel
Descent of Angels - HH Novel
Unforgiven - Short Story (Let the Galaxy Burn Anthology)
Black Pearl - Short Story (Let the Galaxy Burn Anthology)
Deathwing - Short Story (Deathwing Anthology)
Galadin's Feint - Short Story (Sabertooth Card Game website)

It's a little outdated since it should have some new HH books and "ravenwing"

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I've read 3 recently that we're all good in their own way:


Ravenwing.  A good read and not by any way taxing.  It does a good job of explaining a few things, but as with all Black Library releases, it could have been 'more'.


Purging of Kadilus (spelling??) I loved this.  One huge battle going on and it is set out as a series of short (circa 50-100 pages) stories concerning the main characters.  There's a rubbish bit at the end (if you read it, you'll know what II mean) but it doesn't ruin the book at all - more of a 'what's the point of that being in there?'


Descent of Angles.  Again, I loved it.  If you've read anything on the Heresy, then this book doesn't follow the format of the preceding 5 books.  Well worth a read, and it can be read as a stand alone book out of the series, but I'd start with Horus Rising and work your way through.


My 2p!

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Yeah its a pretty good read as well! I know I enjoyed it, in fact I enjoyed it so much I finished it in a couple of weeks! And with school and being a slow reader that is an accomplishment :P :D

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