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First time painting!

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I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I posted a few years ago with minis I received from a friend. After many months of silly real life, I have finally had a chance to strip them!


After many hours of excruciating waiting, I have finally had a marine to start painting. Now, I know it's a Librarian, and I am using cheap paint that my nephew uses for his art class in elementary school, but I give you.....a non-Codex Imperial Fist Librarian.

Now I know that it's not the best job, but it is my first! I plan on buying some higher quality paints and brushes. Feel free to C&C!

















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Not bad for your first go at it! Props for picking a challenging color to start with (yellows are one of the hardest colors to paint.) As far as paints go, the brand isn't everything. Yes, higher quality paints are smoother and have better coverage, but you can make anything work given enough patience. As far as brushes go, I believe the opposite is true. A good brush will last longer (provided you take care if it) and have good control. For brushes, I usually use one of two brushes. First, is a size 0 Reaper kolinsky sable brush. It works great for both base coating and detail work. Recently though, I've been using a different size 0 Raphael kolinsky sable brush. It didn't really enjoy it when I first got it, but man, it's really grown on me. Just my two cents when it comes to paints and brushes, there are tons of resources on the internet if you want to learn more.


As far as the model goes, you're off to a good start. Looking at it though, it's hard to tell if you primed it or not. This is an important step, as the primer bonds to the plastic/resin/metal better than the paint, and gives you a much nicer surface to paint on. People usually prime with either black or white, but there plenty of color primers out there too if you're interested in that route. Next, your paint seems like it's applied kind of thick. You should thin your paints down until they are about the consistency of milk. They may not even cover after one coat (yellow is especially bad about this), so just keep applying thin coats until you get an even, rich coat. For thinning, you can use anything from water to a thinning medium. I'd avoid using tap water, since impurities can show through real thin paint.  I recommend using distilled water. You can get it by the gallon at the grocery store, and it's not very expensive at all (it's like a $1 here.) 


I hope that helps to get you started. Good luck with your future painting endeavors! 

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For a first timer it is great! Practice practice practice! When I first started once I got decent (to me lol) I gave my old models a dip in simple green and reprinted them with the techniques and tricks I learned. My only gripe is librarians per the codex a started are blue.... But it is a nice model keep on keeping on bro!
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Nice first attempt.


My hints as a rather mediocre but expirienced painter:


1) Choice of Colors and Priming: Choose your primer wisely. Bright and light colors are better to paint on white primer than black. Some colors are more difficult to paint than others. I would not begin with White, Yellow, Bone, Black or similar. IMHO blue, red and green are easiest colors to start with.

2) Thin down your Paints! Better you paint 3 or more thin layers of thinned paint, than 1 Layer of thick paint. Take your time and patience and always let a layer dry before applying the next one. You'll see the difference.

3) Wash/Ink When you finished your basecolor (blue for example), darken your color paint with black and mix it with MUCH Water to the consistence of dirty Water. Take a large Brush and wash the whole miniature with this extremely thin paint. It will stay in the recesses and give your mini a nicer and more 3D like look instead of plain color without lights and shadows. Thats the easiest way to achieve some better results without using cimpicated techniques.

4) Have fun!

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