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The Death Shadows

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Yup I agree with hellrender.

I dont think that they are Dark Angels gone bad because that defeats and contradicts the fluff of keeping the fallen a secret etc.


My belief is that the lionguard are just another chapter like any other and that when re-establishing themselves as the Death Shadows the use of robes is purely for the hidden and mysterious look - shadow like.

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That's a rather silly reason to say that they can't be Dark Angel Successors. The fallen have been around for 10,000 years and could have plenty of time to spread the tale. But for the most part, they haven't. So either the Dark Angels keep it well in check or they choose to keep it to themselves. The same can go for the Death Shadows.


My thoughts, they probably are and are of course one of the later born successor chapters so they're knowledge of the fall is probably minimal. Either way, there's absolutely no reason why they couldn't be Dark Angel successors and personally I'd say they are.

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