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For those who have read both Betrayer and The Sigillite


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First, yeah I know the Sigillite is an audiobook, so you don't read it, but the thread topic was going to get unwieldy.


Through poor organisation I've got the Sigillite in my hands now but haven't yet read The Betrayer. Are there any Betrayer spoilers in the Sigillite I need to be aware of or can I go ahead and listen to it now?

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Would somebody be kind enough to provide a synopsis of Sigilite? Spoilers are perfectly fine.


Malcador recruits a non astartes.


lol, basically.


There are some other bits, like seeing the Gates on Terra that hide the battle in the Webway, but the entire thing is essentially a pamphlet that Malcador would've written about what he thinks about the big E and the Heresy.


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