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REVIEW - Kill Team : Operation Mortifico

Gaz Taylor

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Thought I would post a quick review about the Kill Team event run by the events team at Warhammer World, just in case anybody fancied going to any similar events in the future.


So on 13th April, we saw the second Kill Team event run by GW at Warhammer World in UK, and I can honestly say overall I had a good time. The event costed £30 which does seem a little steep but I got an event pack which had the rules for the event in, score cards, tracking sheet for the level ups for my leader model and importantly a pen! Also included was lunch which was held in the GW staff canteen, which while wasn't anything spectacular was a lot better than some of the cold buffets held at other events.


The rules for the event were fairly simple. You had 200 points to spend on any unit(s) from any current codex from the following slots - 0-1 Elite, 0-2 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack. All your models then operated as if they were their own unit, so you could ignore squad coherency. There were no restrictions on what you could take apart from the reserves rule was not in use, so your models had to start on the table (so basically no flyers). The mission was then a basic grab a central objective which you got points for and you also got points for killing your opponents kill team and specialists (a specialist was a model with a USR from the rulespack). Overall it was a fun day and I played six enjoyable games (out of eight).


Now the bad bit. Normally I'm a happy chap and I try to look on the good side of everything but I had two games against two players who decided not to play in the spirit of the event and brought a Riptide. In a normal game of 40K, I wouldn't care but under the Kill Team rules, a Riptide really breaks the meta as most kill teams struggle to deal with one and thanks to the leader upgrades, the Riptide gets better! Add to the mix that even if you do manage to kill one you don't get many points and you have something which turns a fun game into one of the worst games ever. The events team do seem to be on the ball though and looking at changing the pack for future events.


Overall a nice event only spoiled by idiots. Overall 8 out of 10 and worth a go.
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Nice review. Got any pics? I luv games like kill team. When will GW come to their senses and make a skirmish game allowing you to use any model from any army. Kill team as much as I like it. It kinda feels half a$$.
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