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How to Nurgle-ify some models.


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I really like the look of most Nurgle models and conversions. I've been looking around various forums and such for a while and I am torn between two ideas.


First off is the Nurgle idea, second is the more techno-mechanical look that say, Iron Warriors, have.


Do you think its possible to combine the two? How would / could this work?


I have ordered the Hitech Terrorizers as I really like those models. They have the techy look that I like but do you think they could be Nurgle'd. If so what do you suggest? I also like the Proturbo model that I could use as a Chaos Lord. But again could this be Nurgle'd?


I also have a Hellbrute that I am converting up (repose and magnetising weapon options). I again am torn though. I could use it as a simple Hellbrute, though I was going to convert it to be an "Obliterator Lord" (a house concept). Bit like this one....





I really like the Nurgle models that are by this modeller:




I really like the pallid white/green armour which is what I would probably do. The Warp Talons / Raptors that have been converted to be fly-mutations are inspirational and something that I could do. Was wondering how those would be / could be Nurgle'd..... now I have an idea.


Puppetswar.eu do some bits that I could use for conversion purposes:











This post has repositioned the finecast obliterators and I think it makes them SO MUCH BETTER. I'm tempted to get them later and repose similar. However, again what does a Nurgle Obliterator / Mutilator look like?




Any ideas / thoughts welcome.

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Yeah man Chaeron pretty much nailed it. While I'm not the greatest with greenstuff I like to use it and Nurgle can really give you some fun opportunities. If you want to go more tech heavy you may want to look into some cheap guitar string to use as cables/tubing. I haven't tried this method yet but I've seen the results on this board and it seems to work really well.

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I've been converting models for over 10 years now so its not that I don't have ideas. I am not sure whether or not combining both techno/mech AND Nurgle would be too much and end up looking a bit too over the top.


For example:




I like this model as it encompasses the techno look that I am after as well as he is in TDA. The big but is do I leave him as is and just paint in my Nurgle colour scheme or do I do something to him to make him Nurgly... I am not sure how I would make him Nurgly as it is a pretty intricate model in itself.


Again, similar with these:


http://hitechminiatures.com/2/product/info/103  middle model isn't too bad as he has the fleshy bits bursting from the armour. The other two though have the same issue... how to Nurgle.


I've got these ones on their way: http://hitechminiatures.com/2/product/info/75


I might change the middle one's head so he isn't looking up, possibly repose the arms. The other two are great as they are. BUT again how would you go about Nurgling them?


This modeller / converter is amazing. http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/1200/395043.page really like the terminator lord (page 41). Kind of paint scheme I want to aim for. BUT there is the flip-side.... would he fit in with the mechanical nature of the force? I guess I could give him some rusty bionics.


http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/900/395043.page (page 31) has some awe inspiring models. Really like the feel and look of those. But.... mechanical?

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At the end of the day - they're your models, and if you like them, that's all that matters. My taste, personally, is that I do not like the whole over-the-top growth business that makes things look unrealistic, but many do.


Techno/mechanical can work very well - but depends how it is done. An appropriate colour scheme, with some solid weathering, will go just as far as sculpting pustules etc. - which is the easiest way to denote the mark.

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