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Just got tabled by the missus :(


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Hi all :)


Just thought I'd share that in her first training game of 40K that my other half ruined me.


Set up was thus -


1 x Librarian and a double Plas Tactical Squad each running to C:SM rules.


I had the first turn in which I had my Libby leg it towards some ruins on my left flank, however he fell just short and found himself in a wide open space :(


My Tactical squad meanwhile moved forward into the cover of some barricades and prepared for a firefight.


In her first turn she moved her Tac squad up behind some barricades in front of her deployment zone and then moved her Libby up behind the Tac squad.


She took a few pot shots at my Libby and caused a wound.


My next turn I immediately got my Libby into cover and layed down some covering fire with my Tactical squad, my Plasma Cannon missed but I still took out a couple of marines.


Her next turn she just fired everything at my Tactical squad, to no avail as not a single marine fell. This was to be the end of my luck :(


Turn 3 for me began with my Tactical squad moving into rapid fire range and taking out a couple more of her Tac squad and springing my trap of moving my librarian round her right flank with the aim of Smiting her Tac squad and jumping into assault....this did not happen :(

What actually happened was that he failed his psychic test so no Smite, so I figured "Meh, I can still get him to assault" but nope he whiffed his charge roll and received a bolter shot to the face for his trouble, bye bye Libby.


Her turn 3 however went well. She first moved to within 6" and attempted to psychic shriek my Tac Squad, which failed, then assaulted them and killed 2 without batting an eye (my overwatch fire was tragic).


Turn 4 for me was purely the next round of combat, where I lost another marine for no wounds back.


Turn 4 for her saw the remaing 6 Tacticals she had steaming in to put the boot in and taking out a couple more of my marines.


This went on for the next couple of turns (I killed a few of hers and she killed a few more of mine) until finally her Libby finished off the squad.


All in all I think she did rather well :lol: and found that teaching her some of the basics is helping me to acclimate to 6th.


Next time will be a diferent story :devil:, but knowing my luck I'll get a worse kicking :lol:

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I'm somewhat envious. My wife has expressed some interest in this game but only the hobby side of it. She finds the rules overly complicated (they are) and boring (they aren't.) I've tried but currently she's looking into selling her daemon army.

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I have to admit that having a partner who is actually interested in may "toy soldiers" is pretty damn cool :D

My fiancee suffers Dyspraxia & Dyslexia and can sometimes find her attention span lacking and dealing with text heavy documents frustrating, however to accommodate that I have broken the rules down into easily digestible segments focusing on the core mechanics first before getting into all the pernickity stuff. Mainly so she doesn't lose interest.

The basic premise is to play a small game as above, without worrying about point values and just focusing on the basics of Movement, Shooting, Assault and Psychic stuff. We will play this way a few times until she can start to retain it and then add another element like vehicles or USRs and then do the same again adding a little each time.

At the same time I try and prompt her to roleplay her commander in order that she becomes invested in his fate.

The intention is that the games wont last more than an hour or so, meaning that she wont get bored laugh.png

Once she has a general grasp of the rules I'll go over points values and army composition with her until she has a grasp of that and then play a full game with her and see how she handles it.

If I had access to it I would have preferred to start her on something like Necromunda with all the dramatic action and roleplaying stuff as I've found that it's easier to rope in newbies if they can ascribe a personality to their models laugh.png

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