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sanguinary guard


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Wow, the pics look great, how long did it take you to complete?


I'm surprised by how much I like the red feathers too, I always imagine them as a pure brilliant white but the red works really well. I may have to try it myself...


The only thing I'm not sure about is the brighter patches of yellow, mostly on the breast plate, its probably just my own tastes but I almost think you would be better going for something a little shinier?


Anyways, excellent work, I hope to see more.

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Thank you Quixus. Thank you B. Robins. I wanted a floating effect for flying models and did not want to use pins to elevate them. This is my first time trying to use chains actually. Wrapping them around the legs was the easiest and fastest way to complete the figure. It took me roughly 8 hours to complete from scratch. The patches of gold on the chest was due to my mistake during layering with auric gold. Thank you guys for your comments.

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