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Sons of Dorn - Concept

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He guys,

I am currently doing a DIY chapter with IA (eventually Fandex) and obviously a colour scheme. For now it is called Sons of Dorn. This is obviously a placeholder until I come up with a proper one^^ Something with the word 'Hunt' I presume.

Now, I do not have anything to present right now, since I am in the middle of converting (which is a monumental task in my my case) and it won't really get anywhere until my exams are done, which is in about two weeks as of right now.

What I can do is give you a simple idea of what I imagined and whether it would be any good. I have several schemes in my head, but there is one that appeals to me more than any other. Ironically it is a tough one to pull of and a questionable at that. I'll try to explain as best I can.

I little back story first. The hunt is a central theme for my marines because of their home world, which is a rather verdant death world full of mutated wild and sea life. Most natives are rugged trackers and woodsmen, while the noble elite are ironclad knights. All of them like to take trophies such as fur and bones. Think: feral yet somehow noble knights.

I am taking apart the Dark Vengeance starter set and exchange bits and throw on 'green stuff'-esque material for custom variation like fur, horns (the ones you would find on a massive deer) and (most importantly) ornate relief on the armour.

Take this picture as an example, obviously the motives are going to be different, as are the colours, but the gist is the same:


Now, the main colour. This is a bit tricky. While I do not want it to look dull, I can't really think of a colour that would fit. I considered green, bone, blue and many more. Ultimately, I want them to embody the 'Power of Steel'. By that I mean that is must look monumental. When I see and dread or termie, I want to feel the colossal weight when I look at the miniature.

After looking through some old pictures, I found this. It seemed perfect:


Now, I am freakin' in love with this. Take some chainmail or similair grey and apply it as a base, then swab some darker granite/gunmetal grey to make it look like a piece of metal that has seen some battle. Make the joints black to contrast it a bit.

Here is my question, what subsequent colouring would look good? I was thinking to make the aforementioned relief, which I will mainly put on the lower legs and arm wrists (since there is much blank space) and maybe some empty shoulders, in a similar fashion, maybe some dull light grey? I do not want it to be all prominent like gold or powerful silver, but then again, it is ornate, so it cant be the same metal colouring. Thoughts?

Next, the Aquila/Skull with wings on the chest, the edges of lower legs and wrists as well as the edges of the shoulder plates will be gold. I want to have gold to enhance the nobility, but then again, I do not want to have to much, it will contrast with the relief and make them look too golden and thus less knightly, in my eyes anyway. What do you think?

Lastly, secondary colours. I was thinking about colouring only the right shoulder (the one with the chapter badge). What I though was: look at the dread. Right next to his head, he has got a shield that is split into to colour. I wanted something like this on the shoulder. Maybe blood red and DA/Knarloc green? It is a huntery colour-combo imho and would contrast well. Some units will have a similar shield on the their armour, which I also wanted to split red/green. Finally, we have the brown fur cloak and other furry bits as well as bone coloured bones (duh!) and the standard purity seals (see dread).

Anyway, do you think it is something I should try? In the end I want to capture these 3 thing: Knightly nobility, a hunter ruggedness (hence the furry bits) and the monumental imagine of battle-worn steel. In my eyes, they are not mutually exclusive but this is the best stab I had at it so far. The colour I mostly assiciate with it is grey/iron , camo/knarloc green , blood red, and maybe even bla ck (darker than granite and gunmetal but lighter than chaos black/coal black), which are all mostly present there.

A last but important theme would be storm (as in lightning storm) and brewing (as in booze). The brewing will mainly be in reliefs I think. As for the lightning, I do not necessarily feel, that is has to be part of the scheme, as it most likely will be part of the badge and the specialized librarians (aka Stormbringers) will be appropriately coloured anyway. Nevertheless, I am still open for blue-ish (like prussian blue) suggestions.

Please note, that I will not be doing any colouring until I finish at least 1 conversion. The conversions will be posted in WIP forum though. This is just for general opinions msn-wink.gif

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Well, just like in this Sons of Dorn model:




White can be a great contrast to darker silver, and combined with your red reliefs, it might look great?

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I dig the contrast. Not too sure, about white though. It will look great on dark silver/grey, but won't it make metallic reliefs look more like ceramic instead? Very light silver might be interesting (seeing as the main armour will be non-reflective).

Silver reliefs with red bitz like stamps and the eventual blood sprayed across will sure look nice. Though I think I'd make the black somewhat lighter for mine (when comparing with the model). For some reason I prefer my joints to be darker, and I do not want to abandon the Iron/Steel look mentioned above, although I might make the granite somewhat darker, since silver reliefs will look amazing on it. But I don't know about the golden edges and Aquila though. Two light metallic colours (Silver and Gold) fighting for dominance on a dark surface might look a bit OOT, if you ask me. Might not be to bad if i stick with the granite though.

Might need to make the fur a bit lighter then though, two dark major pieces next to each other sort of make the whole appearance darker, which I want to prevent. Beige fur cloak? Yeah, that might fly.

Great suggestion nurgle, thanks.


Any thoughts about the split-colour shoulder piece?

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