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Tyler Mengel's Nurgle Forces Thread, Now with Black Legion!


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Hey everyone, I figured I would collect a bunch of my Nurgle stuff into one thread. I currently have  a sizable Death Guard and Nurgle Demon army and am starting on some traitor Guard allies. Here are a few wips of my first veteran squad.




















The heads, torsos, arms and back pack are all from Victoria Miniatures. Most of the spikes and skulls are from the Crypt Horrors box and I sculpted the vials and trophy hands on their belts. So far I have finished painting one of them as a test model.








I hope to get the rest done fairly soon (probably about a months time at my pace). I have a Chimera in the works for them and 2 Leman Russes so far. I am not planning on making a full Guard army (yet) so these guys will just be an allied contingent. I'm thinking 2 veteran squads, an HQ and 3 Leman Russes, but we'll see where it goes.


I have posted some of my Nurgle stuff (including my Typhus) in several different threads on here before so I'm not sure if you guys want me to collect it all here or not. Let me know, I would be happy to.


Tyler M.

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I wouldn't mind if you gathered everything in one thread :) The test model looks terrific, and I love the conversion work you've done on each and every trooper. Like Mr. Semper, I'm looking forward to your next update!

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Awesome! I love traitor guard done well. 


Really looking forward to seeing more, and it'd be cool to see your other nurgle bits here too.



Edit: Just had a gander at Victorian Minis, don't suppose you'd be willing to share what parts you used? 

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MagicMan: By the looks of it, he used the following Victoria Miniatures parts.


- Victorian Arms set

- Bald Gas Mask Heads set

- Flack Armour Torsos set

- Chem Tank Backpacks

Yupp :) and Cadian legs cause I had a bunch of spares and wanted the jacket to be sticking out the bottom. All I did then was take a pin vice and hobby knife to them followed by a little green stuff and a dash of skulls for that extra Chaos flavor, and baby you got a stew going.

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Sweet. You're probably my favourite Nurgle painter/converter out there, I'm glad you've got a thread for these guys. Those nurgle marks on the armour plates are a fantastic touch and the colours are looking great. Is the bronze from the current Citadel line?


Nice to see those VM gas mask heads on GW bodies, too, I've been thinking of picking some up for my own fledgeling traitor guard and on the basis of these pics I definitely will. I like these guys better than the FW renegades.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys.


I am going to start uploading pictures of what I have done starting with my HQs.


The big guy, Typhus.




The other big guy, my Demon Prince.




The other other big guy, my Great Unclean One, his base still needs to be redone along with a dew other touch ups.




The original leader of my forces, the Sorcerer. 




Until next time,



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Traitor. The Tyrant is displeased.






In all seriousness, they are looking awesome, man. The tarnished, rusted look came out great. I'd love to see what else you got, brother.

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Any chance you could share your technique for that green armour? It's terrific.

Sure, its fairly simple. I paint the armor a 50/50 mix of Catachan Green and Camo Green. I actually use the new paint range equivalents now but I don't remember their name so I stil use the old names. This then gets a wash of Catachan Green, Chaos Black and Reaper Flow Improver. You want to make sure this only goes into the crevices and such. After fixing up any mistakes with my original green mix (lets call it Death Guard Green) I then start adding in more Camo Green for the first highlights. After this I start mixing in Rotting Flesh, you don't want to make this mostly Rotting Flesh, more of a green side. 


Now here comes the weird part, I wash the whole thing with Reikland Fleshshade. This is what gives it the sickly green color. You mostly just want to just tint the color so don't let it pool to much. I then do a final highlight of almost pure rotting flesh. Sorry I can't be more specific with the number of highlight stages, I tend to change it up depending on the model and because I forget how I do it each time. This is just for the average guy, Typhus was different and a lot more involved.


Now I have an important question for you guys, does anyone know where I can get display plinths for miniatures that are engraved? I need some for my Golden Demon entries but want to engrave them with a design, such as a fly or the nurgle symbol for Typhus. I would prefer to pay to have this done since I do not have any experience with engraving. They can be wood or resin.

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I started working on this guy in between drying sessions on one of my Golden Demon entries. Well I got a little carried away and now its more then half way done.






I really like how its looking so far. Since I took this I have mostly finished the metal and started on the green carapace.





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Hell yeah. That looks completely disgusting. Amazing work on the discoloured flesh.


Also I forgot to reply, thanks for the recipe! The flesh shade is an interesting wash to use on greens, I'll have to give that a try.

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