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Greetings all. I've posted this in the general discussion forum but due to the complete lack of a response I thought I'd pop it here too since it closer to home.


After performing a bit of a spring (pity we haven't had one here in the UK, technically still winter judging by the weather) clean I have discovered a fairly large trove of Blood Angels. Now although I have a large fondness for the sons of the IX Legion my Dark Angels, DIY Marines and soon to be HH Legion Army are all taking priority with my painting time and savings so with that in mind it's time for ebay!


Sitting in my box are:




Honour Guard inc Sang Priest w/ Jump Packs

Sanguinary Guard x5

Death Company Dreadnought

20 Assault Marines

10 Death Company

9 Death Company with Jump Packs


A little snooping on the GW site and this little lot would currently cost around £257. Since everything has been assembled and primed in either black or red, that's obviously dropping the price quite quickly.


What I'm looking for my friends, is opinions on a good starting price and whether I should include a buy out.


My thanks in advance

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Other than Ebay, Dakka Dakka is a great place for people looking to sell models. I'd say a fair price would be 33% off GW's prices (can be haggled either way). As an example I just purchased Astorath and 10 jump pack death company assembled and primed for $34 including shipping. Luckily the guy HAD to get rid of the models, so I was able to haggle the price down. In you're case, it may be a few dollars more.

Also... I hate you. You're making me lust for more angels that I probably don't need. Send the link when you got them up thumbsup.gif

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Good afternoon brother.  Zynk has directed me here, as I spend much time on DakkaDakka trading.  eBay and DakkaDakka both have their respective ups and downs.


Good- Insurance (so to speak), have an easy to identify reputation system, and will back you up if fraud takes place.  Also, thousands of people will see you ad.

Bad- Costs money (I want to say 3% or so from your listing)



Good- You get the full price you ask. 

Bad- Small niche, may take some time to sell.  Not a whole lot of insurance, make sure you check the reputable trader board before you agree to anything. 


As for asking price, from what I've seen on Dakka, expect 50-75% for NIB or NOS, assembled ~50%, painted 35-50% ish.  Could vary depending on rarity of the model. 

Hope this helps!



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