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190 points left for SM 2k... What would you take?


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Hi guys,


I don't normally play these points levels, And since it's a double force-org what would you take if you could choose anything... and had 190 points left vs Dark Angels?


All suggestions welcome :)

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Well, Roughly speaking:



Captain on a bike


Chaplain cassius



Bike squad with meltas and mm attack bike


Tacticals with Rhino, lascannon and flamers


CC scouts





Lascannon Predator


Land Raider Redeemer


Thunderfire Cannon






As you can see I've gone big on heavy support :)

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Lascannon Storm Talon for 140?  It can escort the Raven on from Reserves which generates Interceptor targeting priority issues as well as providing a LOS blocker to the Raven for a cover save without the need to jink.  Plus, it gives you two Skyfire options.  Maybe a light Tac Squad or sniper Scouts for an additional Troops choice.

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How many Tactical squads? Because those points may need to be another Tactical squad to make this list legal.

Good point, I'd forgotten about that aspect.


My inclination is to go with a tactical squad, but I also considered a Librarian with Psychic Shriek for more fun hijinks. Obviously I would need to rejig some of the troops into seperate units.


Really I'm just looking for something fun to shake things up a bit!

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how many bikers in the bike squad? need five models including attack bike to make it troops


Full size, so 8 :)

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