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How to use RWGL


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Yesterday was another fine showing for the Black Knights.  I was in a fun tourney, meaning the scenarios were full of random events to perhaps take away from power lists and it was a 2x2 tourney where you and your partner were limited to 1250 points each and no allies within those points.  


Generally, we came on the board piece meal.   In my 1250, I had only 3 units.  


1x10 troops

8 DW terminators w/ Belial and a Librarian in Terminator Armor

9 BK with 2 RWGL


The list worked very well for this small tournament.  In the first game, the BK showed why they are becoming a feared unit in my local group.  They came on the board and immediately destroyed a 10 man unit of grey knights.  Then a 5 man squad of Grey Knights charged them on the ensuing turn and they rolled seven 6s on the snap fire (overwatch) to eliminate that squad!


In the second game, however, we were approached by someone who pointed out that RAD grenades can not take away toughness from a target before the plasma hits in the same shooting turn by the same unit.  This was news to me as I have read a lot on you deciding what shots to shoot first and was under the impression you could take away toughness and then instant kill with plasma on models that had been reduced from toughness 4 to 3.  He read something from the BRB that stated the effect of the shots (within that one unit) would be simultaneous and thus the rad grenade does not take effect before the plasma shots.  


This leads to some questions for me.


1.  I have searched the BRB to read the rule for myself and can't find it.  Can anyone provide a page #?

2.  Does this change anyone's view of taking RWGL(s)?

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While it's true that all shooting from a unit is resolved at the same time (though I can't really find it in the BRB but hey I'm doing a quick look through it so someone should be able to point you in the right direction for that), the one key thing you're missing is this. The Ravenwing Grenade Launchers are phrased in a way that it will effect the units toughness for the Ravenwing Black Knights



Every model in a unit hit by one or more rad shells suffers a -1 penalty to their Toughness until the end of the turn ( this can affect the victims' Instant Death threshold).

Emphasis mine. Its general consensus that since it says HIT, that just hitting the unit with a Rad Charge will make their toughness lower for the wounds of the plasma talons to cause instant death. 


Though we should probably have a definite FAQ to this, so off to the FAQ thread I go :)


Hope this helps!

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Elphilo is absolutely correct in his assessment.


I think the person probably wasn't familiar with the rad grenades, and was defaulting to the basic "all shooting simultaneous from a single unit" rule, but the fact that it says their toughness is reduced when "hit" (as opposed to "wounded") means that their toughness is reduced before you even roll to wound with your plasma shots.

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The person was indeed not really good at reading the BBB correctly.


The roll to hit are ALL rolled simultaneously and then it's the turn of the rolls to wound.


Say that if you have a plasma gun and a missile launcher in a ten tactical squad then you have to resolve all the roll to hit first.


So you roll 16 bolters + 2 plasma together and the blast template all together.

THEN once you know how many hits you get you resolve the rolls to wound.

So yes the -1T applies.


Note btw that this applies against the S3 of the grenade so the grenade will wound a T4 model on 4+

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