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Little Feathers?


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Pretty straightforward question- where, if at all, can I find little feathers for conversion purposes, akin to those you find on Dark Angels. And yes, that means I am aware of Dark Angels already msn-wink.gif

I think there are some on the Kroot sprue, too...

Plastic, resin, or pewter are all okay, but preference follows that order from highest to lowest.

I've managed to make a couple with GS, but it is a royal pain, and some of them come out looking like leaves or weird little aquatic invertebrates more than feathers tongue.png

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I was going to say sculpting them is easy, but if you don't like to do that you can always make a pressmould and produce them that way.

If you heat a bit of sprue and press it into the GS mould you can just cut them off the sprues end a second later. Should be able to produce them pretty fast, just be careful with the fumes.


Cutting plastic card in diamond shaped form and scoring them lightly with a knife should look good enough as well once painted.

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You can find some feathers on WFB Empire figures - especially on their hats!


I have seen etched brass foliage kits where leaves/stems have been used as feathers - this might help?:




Or get your own made:



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