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Army List Composition Discussion


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Alright guys, Blank here.


I run a Deathwing-centric list that focuses on the in-your-face aspect of our army. Ideally getting first turn to DS in my opponents face and do as much damage as possible. This leads me to the topic at hand:


As a general rule of thumb, when I'm making a list I like to make sure that AT MINIMUM I have one troops choice per 500 pts. After that I fill out my list necessities(AA/HS) and fun units(DWK/Rifledreads/IntChap).


This makes it difficult to find points for units at times, as a lightly loaded DW squad cost around 240 pts.


So here are my questions. Do you guys think that, in a DW army, the terminators are resilient enough to allow for fewer troops choices, despite the low body count? Or does the low body count automatically warrant a higher squad count?


Also, how do you guys set up your lists? What goes through your mind when creating them?



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The problem with low model count armies, is that as your model count goes down, so does your chance of minimizing randomness in armor saves through numbers. So no, I don't think terminators are resilient enough to have any less than 4 squads in armies >1500pts.


As far as things that go through my mind when making a list, I'll just copy a list I made in the army list section:


When making a balanced tournament list, you really need to ask yourself several questions

-How many heldrakes can this list withstand before my scoring/denial is crippled? If the answer is less than 2, you need to try again.

-Can this list stop a daemon flying circus?

-Can this list prevent cronair from dropping warriors on objectives turn 5 to score/contest them?

-Are more than one land raiders going to be a problem?

-Can this list get through AV11/12 walls when going against a mech list?

-Does this list have the ability to deal with 100+ scoring bodies from IG/Orks as well (at the very least a single 50-man infantry platoon blob). (Thanks to RayJ for adding this one)

-After taking all of that into account, can I still sufficiently score objectives?


All that being said, if the army you're going for is a rock list to crush some scissors (Like march10k's mech DW list), then that list doesn't really apply.

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