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My first 1K Tournament as BT (BatRep inside!)

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Good day to all! 


I've recently concluded a 1K tournament over the weekend and I'm pretty pleased with the result. Here it goes...


*Note* I do not have the missions with me on hand at the moment, but they were not BRB standard missions, they were mostly a mix.


My list:


Marshal - PAxe SS


5 Man Crusader - Plasma

5 Man Crusader - Plasma

5 Man Crusader - Plasma/Las

5 Man Crusader - Plasma/Las

2 Typhoons - 1 MM

2 Vindicators


First game:

Black Templars vs Space Wolves (3 Objectives)

I win the roll to start terrain placement. Terrains were 2 small ruins and 4 big buildings with multiple levels.


I deploy a single vindicator and the MM Speeder on the far left side, a LasPlas squad to run into the building. Down the middle I deploy my Plasma Runners (the ones with no las) and Marshal attached in the center. Other las plas squad is already in the other ruins so all it needed to was move and go up into position. EC with PlasmaRunners and HB Typhoon with other Vindicator.


He has a rune priest with JotW, Terminator armor. He has 2 longfang squads (a crapton of missiles) and then 4 basic 10man squads if I'm not wrong. I'm sorry I cant remember.


I win the roll to start.


Turn 1 Part 1


Vindis move up, Typhoons move to get jink. Plasma Runners(both) move. My right side Lascannon squad gets into the building. My left side squad rolls a 4 to move onto difficult terrain. (There's a reason why I'm specific, you'll see.)


Shooting Phase



I hit a spectacular start which involves placing a pie plate over his runepriest (which covered 3) and rolling scatter of 3" to cover a total of 6 models including the runepriest. He loses all the units inside that floor but his Warlord makes the save. I fire my multimelta and my krak missiles into his top floor long fangs, I kill 2 models.


EC and Marshal squads run. My right side las plas squad runs to get into the optimum firing position. My left side las plas squad rolls a 1 for run. about 4" away from being able to get up. (don't worry we'll get there....)

Right side of the board, same thing happens. Pieplate on the top floor with typhoon missiles sees me removing 3 out of the 6 models that are there.


Turn 1 Part 2.

He passes all his LD tests. He moves his two troops right out into the open, bunched up tighter then an atomic wedgie. I hide my glee.


His warlord casts living lightning, double 6s. He's down one wound.


He empties 3 missiles from the left building into my right side land speeder. All 3 miss. He empties another 3 missiles from the right building into my right land speeder. 2 Hits. 2 pens. 2 Jink saves on 5+. His jaw (see what did there) hits the floor.


He runs a troop squad and fires the other into my ec squad. 2 plasma hits. 2 Lookout sirs were taken, 2 models removed.


Turn 2 part 1

I move my left mm speeder to get jink, left vindi moves a little bit infront to get in range of the party that is about to happen. Left LasPlas squad roll 1s to move. Marshal squad moves, EC squad moves. Right las plas is in place and will sit there till the coming of the Emperor himself. Right vindi moves to join the party and the right typhoon moves to get jink.


Left Vindi pie plates measure over 8 models, scatters to the left to get 4. Coversaves sees him saving one. Multimelta typhoon removes warlord from play. Slay the warlord and firstblood to me.


Right side vindi lands a direct hit on 8 models, cover save sees 4 models removed. Right typhoon tries to snipe off the left building top floor missile guys but they miss.


Left lasplas squad rolls 1 to run. It starts to become hilariously sad.


Turn 2 Part 2
Passes all LD tests. He moves both his shooty squad to contest for middle objective. Rapid fires into my Marshal squad, but being the boss he is with saves, he takes 5 bolter hits and 2 plasma invuls. (Looking back, it was the riskiest mother:cussing thing I've done). He wipes out my EC squad with 8 bolter wound and 2 plasmas. *sadface*


Turn 3 Part 1

My left typhoon moves for the jink, left vindi decides to grow a pair of giant nuts and move up infront of the left ruins on his side. Marshal detaches from squad, squad moves up. I FINALLY ROLL A GOD DAMN 6 and my entire lasplas teams are ready to laydown the hurt. Right side speeder moves to get jink but I don't realize that in the left building there is a god damn squad waiting inside on the first floor.


My left Vindi fires into the first floor on the building, kills 4 models that are camping on the objective. I fire my MM speeder into the top floor, removing 2 models from play and leaving a poor singular rocket launcher guy on the top. I fire my plasma runners/lasplas/lasplas squad into the bigger blob in the center and only kill 2guys (I rolled many ones that turn.) Vindicator scatters off to only claim 1 model. HB Typhoon misses all the shots.




My Crazy Marshal charges and kills 2 and takes a wound. Combat tie.


Turn 3 Part 2

His squad in his left ruin takes a LD test and fails. He rolls a 12 for fallback distance. Squad removed. At this point he's really desperate and he moves to charge distance so that my vehicles can't do squat except kill everything else.


Eventually my Marshal dies but I win overall.


Shook hands and we exchanged pointers.


I win 8-3 with First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Objectives, Linebreaker and having both land speeders still alive (1 point per land speeder, objectives are worth 3 points if u control more than opponent)

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Game 2

Black Templars vs Chaos Space Marine.

Deployment: Vanguard Strike


IIRC his army comp.


2x2man Oblit

1 Heldrake(reserve)

1 10man cultist (reserve)

10man noise marine, 2 blast masters

Warlord with 10man cultist

Daemon Spawn.


I win the roll to put terrain. And I :cussed up. There's a skyshield landing pad and I didnt grab that first. That would have made a lot of difference (until captain chicken comes into play).


This game I got totally tabled. His obliterators constantly kept out of range of almost everything short of a lascannon or a missile and he just popped my Typhoons and my Vindicators. This was a painful game but I learned a lot. The player I was up against is a veteran player of many tournaments therefore he knew what precautions to take.


Turn 1 Part 1.

I move to objectives and i realize my tanks are not in position nor barely in range to hit anything. I move them up and this was a bad mistake as his daemon spawn and oblit are actually able to flank the tank side AV.I try to do some damage but god damn skyshield pad.


Turn 1 Part 2. 

His obliterator kills my land speeder with 8 Assault Cannon shots (i didnt even know he could shoot that much). 6 hits, 6 pens. Jink saved 2 out of the 4. First blood to him.


Turn 2 Part 1

My vindicators are in range to hit, his blastmasters have 3+ cover save, discovering amysterious objective makes it a 2+ cover save. 2 Pie plates, 0 wounds. At this point I'm really lost with regards what to do so I run my EC up into the general direection of his skyshield.



Turn 2 Part 2 

His daemon charges my tank and only inflicts one wound, he forgets to roll for random attacks or abilities. My vindicator takes a wound. His flanking obliterator moves closer and uses plasma gun to snipe off a few models from my lasplas squad.


Turn 3 part 1

I remove the daemon spawn from play with overwhelming fire. At this point I'm trying to just hold as many objectives as I can to not get tabled.


Turn 3 Part 2

His Heldrake comes in, kill off a speeder, 5man squad and a vindicator.


I concede.


We exchanged pointers and I learned a lot from him actually!

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Helldrakes are going to kill your list every time.  You can't even Go-To-Ground against them because the bale flamer ignores all cover saves.


Only solution is to take land raiders and keep them out of sight of his obliterators.

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