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Team Tourney Results!


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Team Tourney last saturday.  Shared Force Org, 1250,  no allies matrix, no FW.  I went with a friend who ran his Orks.  It was heresy, I know, but sometimes you do what youve got to do.


Black Templars:



Chaplain w/ BP, Fist, Honors, Ceno x3

10 Inis/10 Neos, Axe, Flamer


5 Inis, ML, Plas


Termis CMLx2, Tank Hunters (Aegis/Quad Gun)


Typhoon MM


Typhoon MM




Big Mek, KFF Warlord

Boy squad w/ Nob


2nd Boy squad w/ Nob


Large Loota squad


Large Kopta squad


3 Kans






Double horde team.  It was awesome.  Somebody no showed so we didnt have an opponent the first round and we took an auto win.  Second round we went against CSM/Orks.  Orks ran a similar list and Chaos ran a cpl Rhinos with Tac squads, a Land Raider with Termis and Chaos Lord, some cultists, and I think thats about it.  Chaos got screwed by the table and really dense terrain; the LR got hung up a cpl times and I blasted the :cuss out of it with Cyclone Kraks.  Black Tide tied up the Tac squad and EC splattered their Champ in one swing.  Cleaned them out but SUCKED because they failed a 3 inch charge through terrain towards a Loota squad.  A Boy squad wasted most of their Termi squad but the Lord and a single Termi survived and won out.  Kans vs Kans, with the occasion Krak from my shooty squad won out for us.  The Dakka Jet came in, called WHAAUUGGG and killed every Loota in the opponents second squad in on shooting round.  Win to us, putting us in first place.



Third and final round, we faced IG/DA.  I kept the Tide back first turn.  I was a little scared of the ridiculous amount of autocannons and the two Manticores, and I was expecting a deep strike from the DA bike list.  I failed by keeping them back.  (we also realized later the DA player kept EVERYTHING in reserve except a single Rhino with HQ and Tac and was therefore illegal.  But I digress).  Opening salvo flattened us.  IG player would not shoot my Tide because he knew what would happen.  If I moved them turn one I would have hit his HQ squad and splattered it.  I did manage to get them into linebreaker but failed that charge.  Ork boys wrecked the DA Bikers when the deep striked, Koptas did some damage on their deepstrike, Grots had a nice conga line on the objectives but all it all we got wrecked by those guys.  No sense in worrying about what I should have done.



It was a great tourney, met some cool people, and got 10 percent off the 40k wall.  Hello Trygon!




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