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The Mortis Crusade

Gaius Maximus

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This is my thread for the Mortis Crusade, my own crusade that i am building.

I will use this first to track the progress of my vow for ETL, once complete i will use the thread for any other vows or just general pics and updates of my army.


I am very new to templars, my army currently consists of 3 sword brethren terminators, a terminator marshal and chaplain and an emperors chaplain, so ETL seems like a god way to expand that.


The story of my crusade is basically as follows:


Lead by my marshal, recruited into the templars some 200 years ago when as a boy of 14 he lead the defence of his fuedal world against an undead uprising lead by a coven of chaos sorcerors. Armed with nothing but swords, lances and courage he held the defences together for 3 months after the initial assault which annihilated the worlds capital city and destroyed any form of command structure present amongst the armies of the fuedal lords including the King and all but 3 of his Barons.

The future marshal rallied a host of knights and their men at arms into an elite force to battle the undead hordes. The warriors fell back gradually before the terrible onslought, never able to defeat them, but fighting nontheless. At one point the warrior even managed to lead a break through of the enemy lines, attacking their sorcerors directly and managing to kill one of the foul creatures, though at great cost. This continued until the arrival of the black templars broke the back of the undead horde. The knights had been forced back to their last stronghold in the far north of their lands. They fought on the walls knowing their death was close and determined to sell their lives dearly. Out of nowhere, giant black clad warriors appeard amongst the massed ranks of walking dead and started killing at will. Massive black objects dropped from the heavens discourging more deadly warriors who slaughtered all before them.

One object smashed to earth directly beside the coven of chaos sorcerors on a hill towards the rear of the army. Out of this pod leapt a golden armoured warrior and his crimson cloaked brothers, they fought an epic battle against the foul sorcerors, eventually killing them all. After several hours of fighting the battle was finally over, and the last bastion of this world still stood firm.

The Black templars recognised the courage and skill required to hold the terrible army of the dead and their sorcerous masters at bay. They immediately recruited the commander and his 2 closest advisors (men of similar age to the commander themselves) into their ranks.

Since that day the 3 warriors have fought togeher across hundreds of worlds, stedily rising through the ranks of the chapter until the commander became the crusade Marshal. His staunchest ally and advisor from both his lives, the man who had led the faith of the knights during the defence and kept their belief in the Emperor true, became the crusades master of sanctity some 5 years later. His sworn bodyguard and closest friend now serves as the Emperors champion, and has done so for the last 50 years.

The entire incident gave the marshall a burning hatred for all the forces of chaos, but sorcerors in particular, a fiery Zeal that burns within him to this day and helped with his rise through the ranks of the chapter.


The crusade pushes deep into the mortis cluster, a large group of star systems cut off by warp storms and lost to imperial records until recently which have not been trodden by the servants of the Emperor since the days of the great crusade, the heresy and the scouring. There they hope to find new worlds to bring into the Imperium, and enemies to slay in the name of the Emperor.




anyway, hope you like the fulff, i will upload my before pics for etl shortly

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My Marshal in artificer armour




my master of sanctity




My dreadnought




crusader squad




crusader squad




assault marines




part of my sword brethren




what will become sword brethren terminators (deathwing knights)




this will be my command squad, sword brethren and emperors champion. its a templar ugrade kit, a deathcompany box and a grey knights squad



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so here are my pics for the first set of models i completed










Home made Champion:




Command squad:




and Dreadnought:






would love any coments people have, hopefully i can finish and upload the rest before the end of ETL

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So been a long time since I updated this thread, not been doing that much painting, however I recently added this little chap to my crusade and wondered what people thought.

Now admittedly it is not strictly part of the black templars codex, but I think you can agree he should be a member tongue.png


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Love the imperial eagle split across the legs with the scripture there too and on the waistcloth. Hope it depicts tales of fiery zeal and glory and holy oaths and wards of faith and protection. msn-wink.gif

You do the chapter proud with such a work.

Welcome back brother, it does the heart good to see so many return to these hallowed halls. Will you have some time to participate in ETL?

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Thanks, glad you approve, I honestly couldn't tell you what the scripture says, it is in really smally lati.... High Gothic :p


I am still trying to decide where to stand for ETL, I failed my brothers last year, so should make amends, however the dress wearing pansies insulted my other love the vylka fenryka, and for some RL reasons they will always be my number 1 army.... just.


Tis a difficult choice

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I know how you feel. My Guard call to me, especially with their new Codex, but I can't give up on the Templars that easy. Listen to your heart Brother (the primary one, not the secondary.) It will tell you which way to go. No one will hold it against you. thumbsup.gif

Dude, your Knight is epic, but also totally put me off from using the BT scheme on my own Knight. I can't beat what I've seen here (and other BT Knights on different topics here) they're all awesome, so I'm gonna try a traditional M1 Terran Crusader theme.

I digress, a cool looking Knight. Brother, you might be a Space Wolf, but you have the heart of a Templar. Heed it's call. laugh.png

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I so want to be in your crusade, your initiates are the biggest I've ever seen*. :P




* Using this as a pick up line in a bar will result in a fail every time.

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So here we go again, time for ETL III, well I have made my vow and the first wip pic is here:




Not gone as mental as I did last year, although there are a lot of conversions. I am doing an expansion of my Sword Brethren, but it didn't seem right to vow the models as vanguard veterans or something given they are pretty much all being converted from various characters, so my vow has 10 HQ choices including 6 different captains. Should be good fun

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  • 2 months later...

So my first ETL vow is (finally) complete, what do you guys think?



Emperors Champion and Grimaldus




Chapter master and Honour Guard:




Various Captains:




Crusader Squads:





Vanguard Veterans:




And terminator Assault Squad:





For the glory of the Templars and the Emperor!!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

so not updated this recently, here is the result of my second vow:


Cypher, the last loyal son of Caliban



The Emperors Champion




Chapter master with Witchbane




Terminator captain




Venerable Dreadnought




I seem to be a fan of character models with my templars

and my third vow:


So, my Land Raider crusader:




and yes, my tech priest on the multi melta is wielding a power axe. why? because he is a templar :p

And finally my fourth vow, this guy is sort of an experiment as well, not done the conversion for tabards on terminators before, think it worked pretty well



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hah, yeah i do that alot, when i converted my helbrect i gave him a helmet..... and most of my thumb and blood as well :p

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And my final vow completion




this marks the end of my ETL completion. I have also run out of the parts I need for the insane ammount of terminators I currently have, and the howl of the wolf calls to me...


Will probably take a break from templars for a bit whilst the new wolf release is happening, but do not worry, I do not use filthy maleficarum in my forces, and I am looking to investigate the possibilites of using extreme cold in combination with fire the dispose of witches, I think it may provide some interesting results :p

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  • 11 months later...

So not posted in here since last years ETL, but here is the latest set of additions to my crusade



The Mighty Sigismund:




My Sword Brethren:




Assault Squads:




Devestator Squads:




Crusader Squad:




And the entire force together:



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