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The Maze of the Minotaurs


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Been a while since I posted anything new here so thought i'd better rectify that with my Minotaurs. Picked up on them with the launch of the 1st FW Badab War book and haven't really looked back.


I've themed them toward the Battle of Optera, specifically the ground portion of the war, where they nearly wiped out the Lamenters, hence the broken yellow plates on the bases.


So far i've not got anything WIP, but here are a few pics of what i've already finished.




Firstly, the big man himself, Asteron Moloc. Great little fig from FW. Swapped the pile of wreckage for a rock and lengthened the spear haft.






Codicer Gallus. Probably the most involved conversion in the army so far. Used Sevarin Loth's body and shoulder pad, grey knight arms, head and back pack and the sword blade from the Black Reach captain.







The first of several planned Terminator squads. Next one will be a unit of Tartaros pattern based off the artwork in IA12. 







The first of a Dreadnought Talon for the IA11 Siege Assault List. Going to do another Flamestorm Cannon armed Dread and an Ironclad.







My pride and joy, and the first model finished for the army, the mighty Contemptor. Thinking about ripping the fist off and replacing it with another Assault Cannon, been on the receiving end of the Mortis Contemptor too many times.






The ever useful Tactical Squad. 2 finished so far, with a third with Boarding Shields on the way. Going to get some more mk8 suits in as well, probably around 40-50% is currently in mk8 or as close as I can get to it.












Had to squeeze a Storm Talon in somewhere, this was painted when the kit first arrived.






Still got the second half of the Assault Squad to finish and a Sgt to rebuild.






Lastly for today the Vindicator, which was finally finished last night after a couple of months on the desk unloved.







Probably be the first half of the Boarding Shield Tactical Squad next when I can find the parts......

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Without question the best Minotaurs that I have ever seen. I love the amount of MK VIII suits in the tactical squad (definetly my favorite Mark after the MKIII). The bronze is amazing too, its a hard colour to get right.

But I dont think you should change the contemptors arm (IMO). It looks like hes pointing saying "You! Your ass is mine!"

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Cheers guys. Seeing as the bronze seems to be the biggest request, here goes.


All are the older GW range paints, i've not worked it out with the new ones yet.


  • Firstly, I use a brown spray undercoat. Any kind of mid-brown acrylic spray will do, I use a Humbrol Hobby Acrylic spray. 
  • Basecoat Brazen Brass
  • Heavy wash of Devlan Mud
  • Overbrush with Brazen Brass. I use a small flat brush for this, only applying paint to the upper areas. That way you get decent coverage on the plates and the shadowed areas left dark. 
  • Next is a very light drybrush of Boltgun Metal on the upper edges.
  • Lastly, the armour gets a wash of Seraphim Sepia.


Once I get to grips with the new paints i'll add a recipe for those to the thread.




 How'd you do the left handed marine



I used a guide that was in the Tutorials section at the top of the board before the change. Hopefully it'll come back at some point. The basics of it were to cut the open hand from a marine arm and cut the thumb away. The thumb is then attached to the other side of the hand making a right hand open hand. A left handed pistol grip hand is glued to the bolter which is then glued to the arm you took the open hand from, the open hand is glued to the bolter and a right arm is added. It's easier to explain with pictures as there is a bit of GS involved as well.

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How did you do the glowing eyes of the Librarian, I seem to not find anyway to do that could you spill your secrets for me?sweat.gif Well besides that I love your Minotaurs so far that bronze looks great on them and I definitely fell in love with that Contemptor wub.png

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followed. first, these are just pure awesome. second, these are just pure awesome. this is easily one of two minotaur armies that make me take notice of them. while I agree, the contemptor is great, It's the axeman in the first tactical squad that caught my eye, well done! these are so awesome, that I don't even mind the Lamenters pieces on the bases!


the Four Armies are watching,



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Amazing work  ! You've done serious justice to such a chapter. Your bronze is awesome and I love your subtle conversions. The Librarian especially is simple but stunning !

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Since there is no WIP stuff, I'm moving it to the Hall of Honor!

Midian did mention that there wasn't any WIP stuff yet, so I think that this should go back to the WIP section :)

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Nice to see you around, Midian. :)


Caught these guys a while back lurking on AB, but again excellent paint jobs. Great implementation of all the insignia and runes. The assault squad is probably my favorite with the stark white of the crossed arrows contrasting really well with the bronze of their armor.


Do you still have Enkomi, and if so are you going to be painting him up? 

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Cheers guys, all the comments are appreciated.

Would of rather this stay in Work In Progress but Semper does have a point. No doubt he'll be able to move it when I get some WIP in here.

It's the axeman in the first tactical squad that caught my eye

In that case, here are a couple more angles of him wink.png


Nice to see you around, Midian. smile.png

Do you still have Enkomi, and if so are you going to be painting him up?

Nice to be back mate. never really left, just didn't post much. As for Enkomi, he's still on the list to be worked on but i've got a pretty ambitious conversion planned for him that, shall we say, is more suited to a jump pack.

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