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Killteam vs CSM

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I am trying to put together a killteam to fight CSM.


I like to play fast and aggresive, my favorite unit to fit this bill is TWC, but they tend to be to expensive for this endevor. GH in a rhino doesn't seem like a bad option, but it just feels to plain.


So I ask, what has done well in the past? A Lone Wolf seem very point effective and you can give him another special rule to add to his fomitable rule list. I like the idea of and Iron Priest, but his one wound bothers me. I have seen other posts for killteam, but I need to know what will kill the pants off some heretics.


So tell me brothers, how do I purge these scum.

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Ok I have a list, but I don't know how I feel about it.


Lone Wolf in TDA wolf claw (Infiltrate)


Grey Hunter Pack x 5

Power Sword

MotW (FnP)

Plasma gun (Preferred Enemy)



I also thought about taking a ten man sniper scout squad, but the 4+ has me worried.

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If you're using the current kill team rules (found in the warhammer world events page on the GW site) you can't use infiltrate or scout.

The list of approved USRs is there, and deployment USRs aren't listed. The mission rules also state that you can't use those rules, even if the unit has them as standard (like wolf scouts).


Edit - here is the link to the kill team page, the scenario rules and the associated FAQ are about half way down the page.



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