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Wolves as Allies?


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I'm thinking of adding a small Wolf band as allies for my Codex Marines; Being a long term Marine player, of course, the idea of Wolf Scouts appeals greatly. Finally there is a Scout unit that can fight.


 That being said, obviously I need troops and an HQ first. I was thinking Blood Claws for troops because the mental image I have for something like this is a bunch of hot heads sent away to inflict their woes on some other Marine unit and maybe get a scrap at the same time. Perhaps with Lukas at their front. The Wolf Scouts would be the 'mature' element of this force and try to rein the others in with perhaps a Runepriest to guide them all and bringing some nasty tricks to the field which I don't currently have.


 So, if this sounds a good idea then how many Scouts, armed how and how many Claws (armed how) and what to kit out the Priest with?


 Or do you Long  Fangs have better guidance for me?



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A rune priest gives a good HQ that can stop enemy psychic powers within 24 on a 4+ and you can just give him divination and stick him in a squad of devestators or whatever. I run my rune priests bare bones but you can give him a chooser of the slain if you are afraid of infiltrators.


A ten man squad of grey hunters with a wolf banner, mark of the wulfen, wolf banner and 2 plasma guns/melta guns


then just add whatever you like.

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if the Blood Claws and Scouts strike your fancy, I'd say go for it.


when it comes to HQ: if you're taking claws, a wolfpriest is vry handy. a runepriest with runic armour in a unit of scouts and a wolf priest with saga of the hunter and a pack of 15 blood claws could be a fun addition to a Space Marine force...




 5 scouts, 2 plasma pistols, 1 plasma gun for 120, RP with runic armour for 120

15 Blood Claws with dual flamer for 225 and a Wolf Priest with Saga of the Hunter and Runic Armour for 130


595 pts, so maybe add a meltabomb to one of both HQ's?

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