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Rules for the other legions?

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Just curious, as far as my knowledge the legion with legit rules so far are Luna wolves, world eaters, emperors children, and death guard, right? Well is there anywhere that has rules for the other legions - even if it isn't GW/FW?


Me and a buddy of mine want to re-enact the battle of murder with my blood angels led by sanguinius himself while he uses his tyranids as the bugs. I'm just looking for rules that are already made for the blood angels legion before I have to go and make my own which in sure my buddy will bitch and moan about even te slightest of benefits I give my army

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I stand corrected! I will have to read it again I think :)


Either way, I'd just use legion rules and avoid running sanguinius for now, if you really must, there's a thread in the blood angel forum with stat ideas for him from a long while back

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