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Vigilantes of Sanguine

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This will be celebrated on its in real early stages at the moment I'm gonna fluff it up some more tomorrow comment more than welcome and unfortunately can't paint a real model for 4-5 weeks as I work abroad so plenty of prep to fluff

Orgins of Vigilants of Sanguine

The VoS were formed in the 23 founding during the sentinel period to help with the increased attacks in the Segmentum Obscurus . The VoS gene seed was taken from from Sanguinus, like all blood angels chapters they suffer from the Black Rage and the Red thirst because of the death of the Patriarch. They are forever moving always on the hunt for chaos forces and enemies of the empire


The VoS had there first major campaigns in the 9th Black crusades, during which they launched many successful attacks on chaos forces while taking minimal casualties. They very successful up until the Antecannis massacre were the first company were charged with the defense of the capital, during which the company was wiped out as they defended the capital Monarchhive. The chapter master Bassilo Klute was slain by Abaddon which is believed to have made the VoS suffer worse from the Black Rage. After which it was sworn by all members of the VoS that they would not rest anywhere unroll the forces of chaos were destroyed and their Patriarch and Chapter master had been avenged. Since then they have caught in every Black crusade since.

They saw combat in the defense of Belle Alpha when two companies were attached to their brothers in the blood angels to aid with the destruction of the Ork war band.

The VoS traveled far distances in order to enforce the emperors rule during the Baddab wars gaining victories mainly in supportive roles along side fellow space marine chapters.



alternate scheme

Thoughts please

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Vigilants of Sanguine

Nunquam quies:cuss, semper vigilantissimi (never rest, forever vigilant) 

The Vigilants of Sanguine are known for their feverous zeal and their constant need to hunt the forces of chaos to avenge the death of their Primarch and chapter master Bassilo Klute. Like all Blood Angel chapters they suffer from the Black Rage and the Red thirst. However they suffer increasingly worse from the Black Rage after the death of their chapter master leading to an increase in the members of the Death company.  



The founding members of Vigilants of Sanguine were from the planet Clax which suffered heavy from raids and attacks from chaos forces throughout its tumultuous history. The people of Clax fought with great heroism however struggled to repel the chaos forces. Because of this the Blood Swords regularly came to defend the planet, leaving the the population to revere the Space Marines as demi God's. When the 23rd founding was announced founding  was announced and the gene seed was selected from Sanguinus and a small cadre was selected from the Blood Swords to train the new recruits. After successful completion of the cadre the new chapter master Bassilo Klute took up Clax as the chapters home-world. From this planet the chapter launched many small scale campaigns against the chaos forces, with fast assaults from vehicles they proved to be successful taking minimal casualties. The Vigilants of Sanguine had their first major campaign during the 9th Black crusades, during which they fought along side their brothers in the Lamenters, until charged with the defense of Antecannis, the first company were charged with the defense of the capital, during which the company was wiped out as they defended the capital. The remaining companies managed to escape from the planet before it was destroyed. After which they started to suffer worse from the Black Rage, they abandoned their home-world and took to fleet based existence, vowing to eradicate chaos from the Galaxy.



Aside from the usual blood angel insignia they also on there right knee carry different marks to show battle fought 

A red cross - 5 battles, red chalice - 15, red  blood drop 25, 

These are then repeated however cross changes to black 

 ie 30 battles black cross, 1 blood drop

40 battles black chalice, red blood drop

50 battles two red  blood drops 

This process continues adding the skull or cross in as required until you reach 100 were a marine wears his laurels on his helmet.

Vigilants also have the word of High Chaplin- Romanus Macvicar as spoken during the 9th Black crusades on their upper left leg. 

' Vigilants today we stand before the army's of chaos as Bassilo Klute and sanguinus once did, do not faulter stand firm and stand vigilant if the black rage consumes you embrace it, use it to crush the enemy's of Sanguinus, Bassilo, and the Empire. For we are Vigilants and we purge the Heretic.' 


'Purge the Heretic'  battle cry of the Vigilants of Sanguine.





Excultus - Bassilo Klute (deceased)  

With the death of the first chapter master the title of Excultus was given to Bassilo Klute as to remember him as the founding father of the Vigilants of Sanguine.

Chapter Master - Rius Lipira 

Current Chapter Master of the Vigilants of Sanguine. Commander of the Vigilant Host

Sanguinary Priesthood.

High priest- Ezekiel Cordasco

21 priests.

Sanguinus Guard.

Commander- Apollyon Cassis 

29 guards

Sanctum of the Avowed.

High Chaplin- Romanus Macvicar (Guardian of the Avowed)

13 Avowed (must have survived Black Rage)


Commander- Kage Kobold 

900 Severitors and Equatices


Commander- Regalianus 

35 techmarines

105 servators

20 predators

19 Baal predators

5 vindicators

7 wirlwinds

43 land raiders

51 stormraven gunships 


Chief librarian- Ravager Leversee

8 librarus

11 codiciers 

9 lexicanum

5 Acolytes 

5 furisio librarian dreadnought  

Fleet command.

Fleet commander- Valentinian Othoudt 


Battle Barge - 1

Strike Cruiser - 15

HunIGladius Frigate - 3

Stormraven Gunship - 34

Caestus Assault Ram - 1

Landing Craft - 10


10 companies 

1- captain  Avitus Digrazia (veteran)

2- captain Torten Lueker (battle)

3- captain Brith Kokenge (battle)

4- captain Saloninus Kriek (battle)

5- captain Aemillia Imam (battle)

6- captain Raphael Lominack (Tactical)

7- captain Honorius (Tactical)

8- captain Antoninus Pius Comparoni (assault)

9- captain Ishmael (devastor)

10- captain Diadumenian (scout)
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