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Iron defenders


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I like the second one much better, lots of little bits of different colours as on the first one look odd on a Marine (and would be hell to paint!). That said, I agree that maybe you've gone a touch too dark on the blue and also the eyes could do with 'popping' a bit more?

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I dunno, the whole theme is around the American Flag considering that is what the Patriot is clad in. So you should remain true to your concept and to the colours on that flag. In fact, you should probably get some white in there, make the blue a little brighter, (between the two you have now) and make sure you keep the red. Actually comparing the two I think your first incarnation is closer to the actual iron patriot.. so.


Well all I can say is if you are basing your theme off a character you should make it stick as close as possible to that character. If you are just looking for a 'general' concept and want room for change and growth then I would say take the above advice in totality. I personally prefer more subdued colours (on my marines) so I can agree with the sentiment. I just think that if you want it to be bright and true to the inspiration then you ought to do it.


Do you have any background ideas?


PS: Really, when it comes down to being painted and on the table top I think your original colours would definitely be more striking.



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