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Painter Resource: New GW Paint Line Hex Codes

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So ever since GW changed their paint line, I’ve had this project in mind. The current Space Marine Painter is great, especially for those of us that have a stock of the old paints, the corresponding Vallejo Game Color line, or the Coat d’Arms colors that correspond. However, newer to the hobby folks or those that switched over to the new line don’t have it so easy, because the Painter doesn’t have any preset codes for these new paints.


This is where this concept came in: how about a chart that has all the new GW colors in it with their corresponding Hex Codes for the colors!


Now, I will caution the user of this chart:

I have done my best to try and make sure that the hex codes here best reflect the color of paint that comes in each pot, but there are bound to be some differences, because I took all these codes from the paint splotches on the GW website beside each paint pot. These aren’t always the most accurate things, but until I find a more accurate system, this is what I have come up with.


A note on the metallics:

Metallics don’t look like metallics this way, because all you can really get is a flat single color. The true color is obviously going to be brighter and more reflective on the model because of the little metal flecks in the paint that there is no way to really mimic on the Painter. Also, these are the ones most likely to be completely off from the real colors because GW put a gradient paint splotch on their website, so I did my best to get a representative color from the paint pot picture. It didn’t necessarily work out the best.


So, what do I do with this chart?

Well, the best way to use this chart is to fire up the Space Marine Painter (or your favorite painter here at the site) and click on/select the armor part you want to color. The Color Picker will give you numerous options, but somewhere on the Picker will be a spot for the Hex Code for the paint color you want to use. Use the 6 digit code from this chart next to the paint color you want and viola, after you hit select (or Enter, or however the Painter you are using needs it), your armor part will be colored with the color you selected.


What’s that? Yeah, you need to know what paints you wanted to buy for the color scheme you just made up?

Well, unfortunately the Painter doesn’t have the ability to spit these back out to you, but it will tell you which ones were a close match under the old paint system.


Yeah, that’s great Bryan, what good does that do me?

Honestly, if you want to use the new paint system, not much good at all. However, you can click on a piece of the armor again to see the Hex Code set for that color. Write that code down somewhere and come back to this chart and you will be able to compare the codes to find the name of the paint you want. Write these down and off to the paint store with you!


Happy Painting Folks!




All of the paint codes will have the following format:

Color Splotch – Color Name – Hex Code


Base Colors:

- Ceramite White: FFFFFF - Averland Sunset: FCB825 - Jokaero Orange: EE3823 - Mephiston Red: 991115

- Khorne Red: 6A0002 - Naggaroth Night: 3E3355 - Daemonette Hide: 696685 - Kantor Blue: 002051

- Macragge Blue: 0D407F - Caledor Sky: 396F9E - Stegadon Scale Green: 074864 - Incubi Darkness: 0B4849

- Caliban Green: 00401E - Waaagh! Flesh: 20552B - Castellan Green: 304921 - Death World Forest: 5D6732

- Zandri Dust: 9E915C - Steel Legion Drab: 5F5134 - Bugman’s Glow: 845045 - Ratskin Flesh: AE6B4E

- Mournfang Brown: 650A09 - XV-88: 72481E - Rhinox Hide: 493335 – Dryad Bark: 34312C

- Mechanicus Standard Grey: 3D4B4E – Celestra Grey: 90A8A8 - Abaddon Black: 231F20 - Rakarth Flesh: A29E92

- The Fang: 436276 - Screamer Pink: 7C1645 - Leadbelcher: 475659 - Balthasar Gold: 87542F

- Screaming Bell: B3562B - Warplock Bronze: 695154


Layer Colors:

- White Scar: FFFFFF - Yriel Yellow: FFDB01 - Flash Gitz Yellow: FFF200 - Troll Slayer Orange: F46C2E

- Fire Dragon Bright: F58651 - Evil Sunz Scarlet: C21920 - Wild Rider Red: EB2E28 - Wazdakka Red: 8C0A0C

- Squig Orange: A94F44 - Xereus Purple: 471F5E - Genestealer Purple: 7761AA - Warpfiend Grey: 6C6A75

- Slaanesh Grey: 8E8C97 - Alaitoc Blue: 295788 - Hoeth Blue: 4C7FB4 - Altdorf Guard Blue: 1F56A8

- Calgar Blue: 4273B8 - Teclis Blue: 317FC1 - Lothern Blue: 33A2CF - Sotek Green: 0C6A74

- Temple Guard Blue: 329B8D - Kabalite Green: 028D66 - Sybarite Green: 30A66C - Warpstone Glow: 1E7332

- Moot Green: 52B246 - Warboss Green: 3E7F5D - Skarsnik Green: 5F936F - Loren Forest: 51702D

- Straken Green: 628026 - Nurgling Green: 849B63 - Elysian Green: 758E3A - Ogryn Camo: 9EA94B

- Ushabti Bone: BCBC80 - Screaming Skull: D4D3A3 - Tallarn Sand: A67610 - Karak Stone: BB9662

- Cadian Fleshtone: C87958 - Kislev Flesh: D6A876 - Bestigor Flesh: D28B57 - Ungor Flesh: D7A767

- Skrag Brown: 904A0F - Deathclaw Brown: B36853 - Tau Light Ochre: BF6E1D - Balor Brown: 8B5910

- Zamesi Desert: DCA026 - Doombull Brown: 5D000A - Tuskgor Fur: 883736 - Gorthor Brown: 654641

- Baneblade Brown: 927F6E - Dawnstone: 70756E - Administratum Grey: 949B94 - Eshin Grey: 4A4F53

- Dark Reaper: 3C5051 - Thunderhawk Blue: 417175 - Skavenblight Dinge: 48413B - Stormvermin Fur: 736C66

- Ulthuan Grey: C7E0DA - Pallid Wych Flesh: CDCEBE - Russ Grey: 547588 - Fenrisian Grey: 709CB7

- Pink Horror: 91305D - Emperor’s Children: B94278 - Ironbreaker: 94999D - Runefang Steel: C6CBD0

- Gehenna’s Gold: D49761 - Auric Armour Gold: E9C278 - Hashut Copper: C69169 - Sycorax Bronze: CBB394

- Brass Scorpion: B7895F - Runelord Brass: BCAFA0


Dry Colors: For dry brushing models edges

- Praxeti White: FFFFFF - Hexos Palesun: F1DCA3 - Kindleflame: EFB494 - Lucius Lilac: B69FCB

- Etherium Blue: A1B9D1 - Skink Blue: 59C1CE - Hellion Green: 83C3A9 - Underhive Ash: BFBD80

- Eldar Flesh: EDC184 - Tyrant Skull: C6AF8B - Terminatus Stone: BDAA9B - Longbeard Grey: B4AEAE

- Changeling Pink: F4AFCE - Necron Compound: B1B5B8 - Golden Griffon: C6B791


Edge Colors: For edge highlighting sharp edges and your brightest highlights - some of these very closely resemble Dry Colors and can possibly be made by simply mixing enough water/Lhamian Medium in with the Dry Color

- Gauss Blaster Green: 84C2A9 - Baharroth Blue: 78C4C7 - Dorn Yellow: E3D28C - Fulgrim Pink: F4AFCC

- Flayed One Flesh: CBB48B - Krieg Khaki: B7AD78 - Blue Horror: A2BAD2 - Lugganath Orange: F89E86


Games Workshop set their paint system up to work as a series of layers. I encourage those that haven't yet to visit GW's Citadel Paint System to see GW's recommended layering schemes. I use some, but have modified others based on personal taste.


Discussion thread on the above concept: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/276653-color-hex-codes-for-new-gw-paint-line/

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