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In search of purity and perfection. A pre heresy EC blogg


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Hello brothers!

Well my Iron Hands army is done. Now I want to go pre heresy Emperor's Children. 


So far Iv only painted a cataphractii terminator. He is still WiP and needs some wethering/chipping and the base isnt finished...

This is my first time painting a different colour then black on marines. Its alot of work but worth it!

My biggest problem is the lightning claws... They didnt turn out the way I thought they would at all. Maby I should try a different colour?


Would love some feed back!

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Well, according to the classic color wheel, the best colors for your claws would be somewhere around yellow, orange, or green. Blue is too close and doesn't work visually. That being said, I think the claws look great! Would the Emperor's Children really have battle damage though? I feel like the fix their armor after every fight. 

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Great feed back! So glad I posted :)

Ye the eyes arnt working...more glow? or just none at all?
I think the blue claws would work better if I hadent painted the straps red... He has too much colour right now confused.gif

Well yea EC wouldnt have battle damage on their armour if they could help it. But if the army is on a long campaign on a xeno planet, (think that should be the theme) they should have some.

Going to get some more done soon!

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are you dead set on red eyes? I think green eyes look good on EC. how about just plain gun metal for the claw? too boring?


either way lovely paint job, looking forward to seeing more of the same :)

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