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New member and a LARGE portion of his Crusade.


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How's it going guys. Joined the forum last year but I'm finally posting for the first time.
A little about myself, I've been into Warhammer 40,000 for about 11 years now, but I've only been into the actually hobby side of it for about 5 years.
I've collected and painted hundreds, if not thousands, of models from various armies. But Black Templars have forever been, and forever will be, my favorite Legion Chapter. Along side my 13,000 points, I have nearly 2,000 point of Imperial Fists.
In the following picture is a large portion of my army that I had on hand at the moment of this photo being taken. This was the stuff I kept on my shelf at work when I worked for Games Workshop. At home I had another 5 Land Raider Crusaders, a couple more squads of Crusaders, Terminators, etc. Pretty soon, hopefully when I get another position with GW I'll start working on my Marshals Household now that I'm actually a good painter. :)

Crusaders Crusade!

This here is the last model I painted for my Black Templars. This is my Marshal who leads my crusade with his Terminator Command squad. He has done well, and is definitely feared in my large, and ever growing group of friends. I'll post more photos of him soon to show off the sourc lighting coming from his back.

Black Templars Marshal


Anyway, I hope you liked what you viewed here and I can't wait to be a part of the community here!

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